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Want a job that doesn’t suck? Get CompTIA-certified

On a scale from 1 to 10, how hard was it to get out of bed this morning? (Or are you still there?) If your answer is anything above a three, it’s time to consider switching jobs. Sure, it’d feel great to tell off your boss, but an even better feeling is doing something you […]

This 8-in-1 tablet docking stand is just $50 during our version of Prime Day

If you frequently use tablets or laptops, this versatile docking stand is designed to streamline your digital workspace. Much like a traditional power strip lets you connect multiple devices, the 8-in-1 Docking Stand features built-in ports that support a variety of connections and accommodate the most commonly used interfaces, including the latest USB-C devices—all for […]

This portable 2k gaming monitor is on sale for just $220

The quality of your gaming gear can make or break your experience. If you’d like the best visuals from your game-center monitor, this UXbox E2 portable gaming monitor is worth a nice long look. It’s currently on sale for just $219.99 (reg. $329).  Compared to traditional 1080p displays, the UXbox E2’s 2K resolution offers nearly […]

Boost your productivity with Microsoft Office Pro and pay $40 during our version of Prime Day

Microsoft Office has long been a cornerstone of productivity worldwide for individuals and businesses. With its lifetime license, the 2021 version of Microsoft Office Professional for Windows continues this tradition by offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet users’ diverse needs with a limited-time discount of nearly $200 for our version of Prime […]

Unlock a new language with the award-winning Rosetta Stone app for only $152

Frustrated with language learning apps that turn you into a vocabulary robot? Rosetta Stone flips the script. You can ditch the endless memorization and thrust yourself into real-life situations. Imagine confidently navigating conversations with native speakers, from ordering groceries to chatting with your bus driver—all in your target language. Rosetta Stone gets you speaking, not […]