Stan Horaczek, Senior Gear Editor at Popular Science

Stan Horaczek

Executive editor, gear and reviews


  • Veteran tech writer whose enthusiasm for gadgets manifests as run-on sentences
  • Believer in the idea that the “best” gadgets and products are those that fit your specific life
  • Past bylines for: Men’s Journal, Engadget, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Stuff Magazine, GQ, Inked, The New York Post, Maxim, and even a few gear pages for EveryDay with Rachel Ray
  • Professional photographer with an emphasis on storytelling

Favorite weird science fact

Photographic film works thanks to silver halide crystals suspended in a gelatin based emulsion. Exposing and developing the film converts some of those crystals into metallic silver while others get washed away. So, every black-and-white photo negative is essentially a microscopic sculpture of the scene you captured made from metallic silver. A perfect mix of art and science.

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