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Our mission

Popular Science has been demystifying the worlds of science and technology since 1872. We explain the inner workings of the phone in your pocket, explore world-changing innovations, and examine everything from the marvels of deep space to the secret lives of staples like bread. We deliver an engaging, approachable, and inclusive look at emerging technologies and scientific advances. Daily, PopSci unpacks the science behind the top current news stories, dissects the latest technology and digital trends, and helps readers life smarter, safer, and happier through clever DIY projects.

Our history

Founded in May 1872 by Edward L. Youmans as Popular Science Monthly, Popular Science began as more of a scientific journal than a magazine, featuring lengthy articles from the likes of Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur. A change of ownership in the early 1900s, however, led the publication in a new direction, introducing the pithier takes on science and tech news, how tos, and hundreds of rich illustrations we still turn to today. 

Since then, though our designs have evolved, PopSci has chronicled the turbulent world of innovation for the everyday reader—a mission befitting past taglines like “The What’s New Magazine” and “The Future Now.” With the launch of popsci.com in 1999, the publication entered a new phase, delivering daily dispatches about the rapidly evolving worlds of personal technology and scientific advances.

Get to know PopSci with our top news stories and DIY projects

There’s no better way to understand what Popular Science is about than to dig into the work we do. The Popular Science team is a seasoned crew of science and technology journalists; our editors and writers have decades of experience deciphering dense research, cutting through jargon, and uncovering the hidden wonders of our world. Here’s some of our favorite work:

Top science and technology news

Could an ancient megashark still lurk in the deep seas? 
How to spend money for maximum happiness
An inside look at how fiber-optic glass is made
A CIA spyplane crashed outside Area 51 a half-century ago. This explorer found it.

Our best DIY projects

Build your own desk with custom features like USB ports and biometrics
The best way to reheat pizza
The five smells Americans hate most (and how to get rid of them)

Inspiring science podcasts

The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week follows our editors down science and tech’s most alluring rabbit holes.

Ask Us Anything answers your most outlandish and mind-burning questions. 

Our wondrous videos

Series like Experimentals and WILD LIVES peel back the veil on science’s greatest untold stories.

Who we are

Popular Science staff, contributors, and other team members.


Editor-in-Chief Corinne Iozzio
Design Director Russ Smith
Executive Editor Rachel Feltman
Managing Editor Jean McKenna
Senior Editor Purbita Saha
Technology Editor Stan Horaczek
Science Editor Claire Maldarelli
DIY Editor John Kennedy
Video Producer Tom McNamara
Engagement Editor Ryan Perry
Associate Editors Jessica Boddy, Sara Chodosh, Rob Verger
Assistant Editors Sandra Gutierrez G., Sara Kiley Watson


Art Director Katie Belloff
Production Manager Glenn Orzepowski


Chief Executive Officer Lance Johnson
Director of Product Development Amy Schellenbaum


SVP Sales and Marketing John Graney
VP Digital Sales Operations Lee Verdecchia
VP Ad Operations Brie Fisher
Advertising Directors Katie Logan, Jeff Roberge
Advertising Coordinator Nicky Nedd
Marketing Manager Amanda Gastelum
Client Services Manager Allie Hedlund


SVP Business Development Julie Smartz
Director of Business Development Dante Sandoval


VP Commerce Nate Matthews 
Director of Commerce, Tech Billy Cadden
Special Projects Editor Jason Lederman
Editorial Assistant Natasha Roy


Head of Licensing Richard Oren 
Marketing Manager Lynsey Poff
Art Director Gabe Ramirez
Licensing Manager Janet Stewart

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