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VERO four legged robot vacuuming cigarette butts

This plodding robot sucks up cigarette butts

VERO features a vacuum hump and nozzles for feet.

Plane cabin lighting simulating sunset

Simulated sunrises and sunsets in planes may reduce jet lag

Researchers are experimenting with cabin lighting to support circadian rhythms on long flights.

five chimpanzeess sitting in tall, green grass

Chimp conversations can take on human-like chaos

Quick responses, interruptions, and regional differences could just be part of being a primate.

a brown dog looks up with a longing expression

Your dog can probably smell your stress

Human odors may influence the decisions of our canine companions.

view from airplane

Climate change is making turbulence worse

Buckle up for bumpier flights ahead.

Thick clouds of fine particulate matter blow off China in this 2016 satellite photo (oriented with north to the left).

How the Blob was born

With ecosystems increasingly squeezed by anthropogenic warming, even cleaning up pollution can cause problems.

An old female rhesus macaque eats alone on the island of Cayo Santiago. As female macaques age, the size of their social network shrinks.

It’s not just us: Other animals change their social habits in old age

In patterns that may sound familiar, long-term studies reveal what elderly deer, sheep and macaques are up to in their twilight years.

a crocodile, kangaroos, and shark

15 photographs documenting the silly, serene, and savage side of the animal kingdom

Nature, you’re wild.

The Koofr homepage pulled up on a laptop.

Toilet-proof your phone with cloud storage you can keep for life

July 21 is your last day to own Koofr’s lifetime plan for $119.97.

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