Featured by Hannah Seo

A small child is having a bandage put on his arm after receiving a shot. A caregiver stands behind him.
A woman in bed wears a mask and reads a book.
An illustration of a star slowly consuming a planet. The star's gravity has warped the planet into a football-like shape.
A microscopic image of a tardigrade, a pillowy creature with eight legs.
A bird-like brown dinosaur with a huge red crest on its head, in a jungle.
Two photos of wasps and their nests. The photo on the left is under regular light, and the nest appears off-white. The photo on the right is under blacklight, and the nest glows highlighter yellow.
An illustration of an asteroid, at right foreground, passing through Mercury's orbit, seen in the middle background, with the glare from the sun shining brightly on the left.
A science lab with a nuclear fusion reactor in the background, and a ladder leading to the center.
An illustration of a best of hatchling baby turtles.
a diagram of saturn with its slushy core