‘Fear And Loathing’ Cartoonist Ralph Steadman Illustrates Birds On The Brink Of Extinction

New book ‘Nextinction’ is both trippy and poignant
The Laysan Duck was once widespread across the Hawaiian Islands but became isolated on Laysan Island. Thanks to the removal of introduced rabbits on Laysan during the 1980s, the duck's population has begun to thrive. Despite a botulism outbreak and a tsunami, the bird fights back and the numbers are now estimated at somewhere between 500 and 680 mature individuals. Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy

In a new book out September 15, illustrator Ralph Steadman and filmmaker Ceri Levy team up again to put birds on display. As a follow-up to Extinct Boids, the new book Nextinction focuses on the birds that are still around, but barely—specifically the species on the IUCN Red List.

Steadman draws these birds (or “boids”) in his distinct style (you’ve likely seen his collaborations with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson), making up a few new species along the way. The book also includes descriptions of the birds and a couple snippets of Steadman and Levy’s correspondence while producing the book. We’ve excerpted a sample of the book above.

A spoonbill sandpiper