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If in the past few months you’ve found yourself using the television or TVs in your home more often than usual, well, you’re very far from alone.

Most of us are spending more time in our houses, condos, or apartments than any time before in our entire lives, and while we’ve always found entertainment through television, many are turning to it more and more often as a way to happily and captivatingly pass the time.

If you’re getting in more screen time, the quality of your TV becomes more and more important. And if you’re thinking it’s time for something of an upgrade, an OLED TV, powered by millions of self-lit pixels, has the best picture on the market.

“OLED is at the premium end of the TV spectrum, but for someone who is using their TV as the centerpiece of their home, as a lot of people are, I think it’s a great investment, because you’re going to get enjoyment out of it every day, no matter what you’re using it for, whether it’s a movie with a darker environment, sports in a lighter environment, video games, anything,” says Tim Alessi, Senior Director of Product Marketing at LG.

What OLED is, and why it makes for a better picture

OLED technology paves the way for unbeatable picture quality. LG

OLED stands for “organic light-emitting diode,” and a diode is an electrical component that conducts current and helps devices function. According to Alessi, the difference between OLED and other TV technologies is essentially that an OLED TV doesn’t need to be backlit. It doesn’t need its own light source, because its pixels make their own light and color—which is why, of course, they’re aptly titled “self-lit pixels.”

“The OLED material is an organic material coating on a series of transistors that fit behind it, and when electricity is applied, it glows,” says Alessi. “It makes light when it gets an electric charge, and the significance of that is that it doesn’t need a light source,” whereas with other TVs powered by LED, LCD or other forms of power, there’s always some kind of “light leakage” from the backlighting mechanism that can’t be completely sealed off.

And LG OLED TVs are powered by 8.3 million individually self-lit pixels, with each one doing its job, delivering perfect black and intense, captivating color—leading to a lot of visual detail, amazing picture quality and a next-level viewing experience.

OLED produces the blackest of blacks

A better viewing experience needs captivating color. LG

Black has an enormous impact on picture quality, since darkness and shadow are pivotal aspects that factor into framing many shots—and color comes off as more vibrant when it’s placed next to a perfectly black pixel.

“With OLED, when you need it to be black, you just turn off the power [to that pixel or pixels] and it doesn’t emit any light, so it’s a perfect black background, and black is kind of the building block of picture quality,” says Alessi. “If you have better black levels, the colors look more vibrant, and the more the range from darkest dark to the brightest bright, the more your picture looks like reality. With self-lit pixels you can have two pixels perfectly adjacent, with one on and one off for infinite contrast. An LCD cannot get to perfect black, whereas an OLED can.”

So if you’re watching a darker scene, the perfect black and infinite contrast work together to bring out shadow detail, making for a crisp and visually stunning presentation, with vibrant and intense color.

OLED lends itself to beautiful hardware aesthetics

An art-inspired gallery design adds sophistication to any room. LG

LG’s OLED TVs are about more than just a next-level viewing experience. They’re also designed with art-inspired gallery looks in mind, so they look great in any room as a centerpiece or otherwise.

“Since they don’t need a backlight they can be ultra thin, so the structure is much simpler and we’ve really pushed the limits on what we can do with that,” says Alessi. “Our TVs have a really stunning, slim profile,” which means many models can be mounted to the wall, almost like a picture frame, so it will fit in well with your home’s interior design.

“You can marry this stunning cutting-edge picture quality with beautiful design, and that’s something you can really take advantage of in your home,” says Alessi.

The best OLED TVs out there

Design and function leads to a truly immersive viewing experience. LG

LG offers a vast selection of OLED TVs that come with different features and capabilities, and in different sizes, but among the best is the LG GX 77 inch Class with Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV. Like any LG OLED TV, it makes the most of all its millions of OLED pixels, and at 77 inches it’s at a size that helps make your viewing and gaming experiences more immersive than you may have ever previously imagined.

It’s the optimal TV for you to truly perfect your viewing experience, whatever you’re watching or playing. Find out more or make the move to upgrade here.