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Go back just a few years, and OLED TVs were out of reach for most of us binge-watching commoners. Prices have come down, however, and these Amazon Prime Day deals make a sweet, contrasty OLED screen more attainable. OLEDs provide exceptional contrast because every pixel provides its own light. That allows them to turn off completely when they’re not needed to create deep, moody black levels that make content pop. Watching Alien for the first time on an OLED? Revelatory. Watching that episode of Paw Patrol your kid has demanded for the millionth time? Hey, at least it looks good. Here are the best TV deals for Amazon Prime Day.

All of these Prime Day deals require an active Amazon Prime Membership. You can sign up here for a free 30-day trial.

More OLED TV Prime Day deals

More Prime Day TV deals

If you’re not necessarily in the market for an OLED, plenty of great TV deals remain to be had. We’ve intentionally excluded most of the cheap FireTV stuff because they go on sale quite a bit and are typically pretty affordable, even without a discount. This is just higher-end stuff that’s cheap specifically for this shopping holiday.

Prime Day soundbar deal

Stock has been tricky with soundbar deals this Prime Day, but here are a few LG options that have been reliably available:

And if you’re looking to take your home theater audio experience into new immersive dimensions, the Nakamichi Shockwafe Wireless Surround Sound Systems are at their lowest price point of the year.

Prime Day universal remote deals

Well, it’s really Prime Day universal remote deal because there’s only one. It’s a good one, though. This universal remote is compatible with a ton of devices and provides a slick UI for navigation.