Best mom gifts for Mother’s Day in 2023

Whether you’re looking for personalized Mother’s Day presents or something that won’t break the bank, we’ve got the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for all the mamas and mother figures in your life.
mother’s day gift ideas

Great gifts for new moms and veterans alike. Dakota Corbin via Unsplash

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It rolls around every year, on the second Sunday of May, as predictable as the sun rising and setting each day: Mother’s Day. And yet, every year, around the same time, many of us have to scramble for the perfect present for the women in our life. Some of them are difficult to shop for. Others already seem to have everything they could possibly need. Others yet pretend to love all the gifts we’ve gotten them so much—from the grade-school ashtray to the sweater in the wrong size and color she hates—that it’s impossible to know what she actually wants. Worry no longer when it comes to finding the best mom gifts. We present to you 12 can’t-miss Mother’s Day gift ideas to impress even the pickiest parent.

Cool Mother’s Day gifts for the truly hip mama

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas for a mom who’s not a regular mom but a cool mom, we’ve got you covered. Gadgets and smart-designed everyday objects are sure to delight even the toughest mothers. The key is to consider whether the mom you’re purchasing for is truly gizmo-friendly and will realistically use your gift. If the answer is no, then save your money and instead invest in something analog that will knock her socks off (like a really comfy pair of socks!). But if the answer is yes, then the world is your high-tech oyster and it’s time to buy some seriously state-of-the-art, cool mom gifts.

Coolest Mother’s Day gift: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

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Control this cup in multiple ways through an app: Choose the exact temperature you want, set an auto-sleep time and customize your presets so you get the perfect cup every time. The one downside is that it’s hand-wash only—but that gives us another idea for a great Mother’s Day gift: a “coupon” to do the dishes for her.

Cool Mother’s Day gift, runner-up: Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry Health Tracker

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If the mom in your life loves her FitBit but is searching for an upgrade, or this is her first go-round with a health tracker, this Bluetooth-enabled, water-resistant model can help monitor stress, reproductive health, and much more, all with the look of a cool piece of jewelry. A truly useful gift for mom.

What are the best first Mother’s Day gifts for moms?

So you need Mother’s Day gift ideas for a new mom. Ask any first-time mother what she wants and she’ll probably either tell you that just spending time with her baby is present enough (lie), that she doesn’t need anything (another lie), or that she wants to take a three-month nap (true, but impossible). She probably also doesn’t want as gifts for her first Mother’s Day nipple balm for her sore, cracked nursing boobs, or stretch-mark cream (though those are nice things to get her on any regular day). In terms of first Mother’s Day gifts that will blow a new mom away, there are some options that are almost as good as time off and that make sure the new mama in your life feels loved, appreciated, and supported.

Best first Mother’s Day gifts: Hatch Restore – Sound Machine

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Babies aren’t the only ones who need sleep training! The most crucial, thoughtful present for a first-time mom is sleep, and this contraption will help her get more of it. This WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled sleep assistant relaxes the mind and body with soothing lights and sounds, so Mom can grab 40 (or 20 or 10) winks next time Baby goes down for a snooze. When it’s time to rise, it has a gentle-wake alarm clock. (Although your new-mom friend won’t need this feature for a while.) Sleep, the best mom gift you can give.

Best first Mother’s Day gifts runner-up: Product BEABA Babycook Neo, Glass Baby Food Maker

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First things first: Make sure this is something the mom in your life actually wants (not something you want her to have in order to make your life easier and better). If it is, then the home chef will love the fact that she can steam, blend, defrost and reheat all of Baby’s food with one simple, easy-to-clean machine. (As a corollary gift, we suggest you volunteer to do the cleaning part.)

Our picks for Mother’s Day gifts from kids

Mother’s Day gifts from kids typically fall into two categories: Homemade drawings (which are very sweet, but risk being put in the recycle bin as papers pile up); or homemade clay or Play-Doh creatures that end up cluttering mom’s shelves. Don’t get us wrong, it’s the thought that counts. But, what if there’s a better way to do DIY? We think we’ve found it in these picks for sweet and crafty Mother’s Day gifts from kids.

Best Mother’s Day gift from kids, runner-up: MindWare Paint Your Own Stepping Stone: Butterfly

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You get one stone-mosaic butterfly, 12 paints, a paintbrush, and a painting guide in this kit. (It’s worth having an extra brush on hand so you can both work simultaneously.) Once it’s done, set it out in the garden or on the front steps for a daily reminder of that fun day spent making art together.

Truly unique Mother’s Day gifts for quirky moms

Earth mothers, rock ‘n’ roll mamas, world-traveling wanderlusty moms…. No two maternal figures are the same, and some require gifts as unique as they are. Finding Mother’s Day gift ideas for the eccentric and kooky women in our lives can be really easy (because they’re so overflowing with love that they adore everything) or really difficult (because they’re very particular). If the mother in your life is the mother of all challenges when it comes to gift-giving, bowl her over with presents she’ll never see coming and never forget.

Best unique Mother’s Day gift: SURPRISE! Mini Cactus and Mini Handmade Ceramic Planterme

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Delight your mom with a Thumbelina-sized succulent (between .75 to 1.25 inches) in a pretty ceramic planter. You get one hardy mini cactus, pretty white sand, and all the instructions you need to keep this baby thriving. Just water her once a month and you’re set. Zero hassle included.

Best unique Mother’s Day gift, runner-up: ProduLuna Bean Deluxe 3D Prints Baby Casting Kit

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Just dip your baby’s body part into the wiggle-proof, non-allergenic molding powder for 45 seconds, remove, then fill it with casting stone. Voilà: Little baby parts preserved for all eternity. The casts are delightfully weird—and to some, maybe even a little creepy. But they’re also sweet and incredibly unique!

Cheap Mother’s Day gifts that still feel very special

Listen, money doesn’t grow on trees, and maybe your mom is the one who taught you to be frugal and wise with your dough. Maybe for you, the Mother’s Day present is to honor her by not blowing your savings on an extravagant gift and instead investing it in your 401k. Even if you don’t have a fortune to spend, there are plenty of ways to tell your mom that she’s your No. 1 and always will be. After all, the best Mother’s Day gift ideas come from the heart, not deep within your pockets.

Best cheap Mother’s Day gift: Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket

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This softie comes in multiple sizes and colors and is downy on both sides. Your mom will think of you every time she wraps herself up and takes a hard-earned snooze, and whenever it needs a deep-clean, she can just toss it in the wash.

Some more Mother’s Day gift ideas

No two moms are alike, so no one Mother’s Day gift fits all. The most important thing to consider is who your mom is and what she likes. Meaningful gifts are ones that come not only from the heart but from your brain and the treasure trove of memories the two of you share. That doesn’t mean your gift needs to be sentimental or gushy if that’s not that kind of mom she is, and it need not break the bank either. It just means that whether you’re looking for useful gifts for Mom or gobsmacking high-end prezzies, as long as she knows that you gave it loads of thoughtful consideration, she’s going to love it!