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The exponential multiplication of kids toys is one of life’s greatest mysteries, so investing in a toy organizer is a must. But finding one that sufficiently contains the chaos often feels like an impossible task. Meanwhile, the floor keeps piling up—and we keep tripping on plastic cars and Lego blocks.

Obviously, toys come in all shapes and sizes—from stuffed animals to Lego kingdoms, any type of toy storage must be able to fit both soft and (rock) hard playthings. Beyond efficiency, the best kind of storage solutions are also stylish—because, aesthetically speaking, the more a kids’ toy box blends in, the better. Ahead, how to find one of the best toy organizers for your home—and, thus, finally prevail over all that clutter. 

The best toy organizers: Reviews & Recommendations

Best for living room: Kinsuite Kids Toy Storage Cabinet



This toy organizer’s power is in its subtlety. By not really looking like a toy bin, you can get away with putting it in the living room without ruining its interior design. Removable bins make for easy cleanup and hide the mess, and the color white is both chic and versatile. 

Best for smaller spaces: VASAGLE Lift-Top Storage Chest



This storage bin does its primary job of hiding the clutter, but it also serves as a seating option and entryway bench, making it doubly useful (and, importantly, aesthetically pleasing). With a chest, you won’t get the precise room organization of individual shelves or bins, but you will certainly get clutter that’s 100% hidden, which is, in the end, what’s most important. 

Best for outdoors: Keter Novel 90 Gallon Deck Box Organizer



For outdoor playtime, this toy box wins best in class for size, durability, and versatility. The Keter deck box safe to sit on, will keep all of your items dry, and can be locked at night for extra safety. Just make sure you have enough room for this 90 gallon chest. That’s a lot of storage!  

Best for the kids’ room: Delta Children Deluxe Toy Storage Organizer



Upgrade your kids’ playroom with this primary color-themed storage organizer that comes with nine removable bins. It’s super lightweight (the entire storage container weighs less than a pound), and because the bins are fabric, they can store a variety of differently shaped toys. 

Best for long-term storage: Iris USA Clear Storage Boxes



With these Iris clear storage boxes, simplicity wins. Because they’re clear, you’ll never wonder what’s hidden where, and because they’re stackable, you can maximize space in a tight attic or crowded basement. 

Best budget: Mintwood Design Extra Large Woven Rope Basket



For a budget-friendly toy storage option, this rope basket is surprisingly stylish. It’s flexible enough to fit almost anywhere (though it is quite large), and collapsable when not in use. You won’t get any compartments or dividers with this one, though—so your toy storage is bound to be fairly disorganized, and, with no lid or closure, very visible. 

Things to consider when shopping for the best toy organizer

Just like the toys themselves, toy organizers come in all different sizes, styles, and price points. Before you navigate the world of toy storage bins, consider what matters most to you. Is style of the utmost importance? Or maybe your budget has final say? Maybe you need a toy chest that works in a really small space, or one that’s durable enough to live outdoors. Whatever your priorities, there’s a toy box out there for you—and the more you know yourself and your space, the easier it will be to find the best toy organizer. 

Want a kids’ toy organizer that’s relatively stylish?

Living rooms are inherently versatile, in that they must accommodate a huge range of activities, visitors, and things. When kids’ toys start to take over, though, the room becomes unworkable for everyone else—and the space succumbs to clutter. The alternative? A kids’ toy organizer, which, in an ideal world, will provide a home for every last stuffed animal and Barbie doll that’s currently on the floor. And, since this is your living room after all, the best kind of toy storage solution for a living room is also one that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal, instead of ruining it.

Need a toy box that doesn’t take up lots of space?

The challenge with living in a small space is figuring out how to maximize every inch of it. Often, that means certain items do double (or triple) duty, serving different purposes depending on the user or time of day. Think of a kitchen table that doubles as a desk from 9-5, or an ottoman that’s secretly got a stash of blankets hidden under its lid. Storage solutions that benefit every member of the family are usually the most popular, and that goes for toys, too. So when, for example, mom gets as much use out of the toy box as the kids do, that’s what we call a win-win. 

You may want a large toy basket that can live outside

Not all toys belong indoors, so why store them there? Indeed, there’s a time and a place for almost everything (and almost every toy), and the pool floats and baseball bats need not come in your clean, tidy interior. Instead, store them on the deck or in the backyard (as in, where they belong), and make sure they’re kept safe in a relatively large toy basket that’s built to last, in all types of weather. That way, come rain or shine, your kids’ toys will be secure, and, here’s hoping, you’ll have a little less cleanup to do post-playtime. 

Make sure your kids’ toy storage is actually kid-friendly

So far, we’ve talked a lot about toy bin organizers that are either dual-purpose or meet some sort of style requirement. When it comes to the kids’ room, however, those might not be top of mind—instead, you’ll want to seek out a kids’ toy storage solution that’s bright, colorful, and meant specifically for younger ones (even if that means it probably won’t provide you with additional adult-sized seating). 

Want toy storage that will last?

Childhood doesn’t last forever, and neither do toys—unless, of course, you store them away properly, and plan to pass them down to the next generation. There are other reasons to opt for long-term toy storage, too — maybe you’ve got toys separated by season, and there’s just no reason to have the summer pool float and baseball gear out in the dead of winter. Either way, toy storage bins that play the long game are abundant, and fairly easy to come by. Look for durable plastic that’s sturdy and airtight, and, hopefully, when you pull out those stuffed animals in five months (or years!), they’ll feel good as new.

What you’ll get for under $30

Paying too much for toy bin organizers always feels bad for the same reason that storage units do—you already own the stuff, and now you have to pay even more money just to organize it. A budget-friendly option, then, is paramount for lots of folks. Luckily, they’re easy to come by. The downside? You’re not going to get all the bells and whistles that you would if you spent an additional $70 or $100, and the storage solution likely won’t be dual purpose. 

Removable bins, extra compartments, and color-coded organizers may not be in your future, but saving money is, and when you’re raising kids (why are they so expensive?), that’s half the battle. Here’s the best toy organizer we’ve found for under $30.


Q: Where should kids keep toys?

If you ask a kid where they should keep their toys, you’ll probably get some variation of this answer: on the floor! Unfortunately (for them, at least), that’s not really the solution we’re going for here, and we’d recommend they store their toys in a basket, bin, or chest. Make it kid-friendly—within reach, and easy to operate—and they’re all the more likely to actually use it. 

Q: How do you store toys in a living room?

When the toy organizer is going into the living room, you’ll probably want to look for an option that’s subtle, versatile, and more likely to blend in. Remember, this is your living space (not merely a kid’s playroom!), and if you want to make sure the toys don’t totally take over, you need to find a storage bin that’s aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. 

Q: How do you store toys long term?

We all know the old adage about kids: they grow up so fast! It’s true, and because of what seems like extra-fast aging, all kids toys eventually need to be put away and stored long term (if you’re not handing them down to another lucky kid, that is). When you’re searching for long term storage, look for a bin that’s airtight and sturdy, so that those toys stay in tip top shape for as long as possible. 

A final note on shopping for the best toy organizer

It can feel next to impossible to get a handle on your kids’ clutter, and regain some sense of control over your space. But with the best toy organizer, it is possible. Shopping for storage solutions demands an attention to detail—including factors like price, efficiency, style, and versatility—but once you find the right one, you’ll be on the road to clutter-free living in no time. 

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