SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission and launch in 9 photos

It's not easy training to be an astronaut in a few months; it's a lot of hard work and fun.
A bright rocket launches against a dark night sky.
The Inspiration4 mission makes history as the first private, commercial, all-civilian space travel. Inspiration4/John Kraus

Last night, the Inspiration4 mission kicked off, launching four civilians into outer space. This historic mission marks the first private, commercial spaceflight with a crew composed entirely of amateurs. Furthermore, this flight, operated by SpaceX, will surpass those by Blue Origins and Virgin Galactic in both altitude and duration. The Dragon capsule containing the crew, who were selected by commander Jared Isaacman, a billionaire businessman, will be soaring about 80 miles above the International Space Station. The capsule will orbit our planet for three days before it returns back into the atmosphere and splashes down in the Atlantic Ocean.

Here’s what the mission has looked like so far.