Noteworthy musical instrument deals of Amazon Prime Early Access

Learn how to play in Drop D without having to drop extra dollars with these great Amazon Prime deals on guitars, amps, etc.
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Tony Ware

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If you’ve been considering picking up an instrument but didn’t want to have to drop a lot of money to do so, the Amazon Prime Early Access Event is the perfect time to learn without feeling the burn. Whether you have or want a guitar, there’s a great amp available. Rhythm sections will also find timely sales on bass, drums, and keys. Just remember, prices subject to change and remember that you’ll need to have an active Prime subscription to take advantage of the deals happening during Amazon’s Early Access sale, so sign up for a free 30-day trial if you haven’t already:

Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier + Traveler Bag Bundle $269 (Was $359)

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Whether you’re learning your first riffs or have been doing fret runs for years, you know it takes muscle and musical tone to really nail a song. A lot of folks stack amps and lug around custom pedalboards, but maybe you want to keep your rig compact. Positive Grid has the solution: the BIAS tone engine built into its Spark guitar amps, which gives you access to user presets and signal chains you can sculpt. Plus a Smart Jam Live feature helps you learn and a built-in USB interface lets you easily record your performances. Included in this package is a custom-fitted, padded, water-resistant travel bag.

Donner 39-inch Seeker Series DST-400 Solid Alder Body Electric Guitar $207.99 (Was $259.99)

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Featuring a Stratocaster body shape—think Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dave Murray, Pete Townshend, David Gilmore, and thousands of others—this guitar is perfect for the beginner or intermediate player. The 5-way switch system with an HSS pickup with coil split offers 7 tone modes, including a convincing single-coil effect, and a vintage-style 2-point tremolo helps you bend notes with ease. Enjoy a chiming Humbucking bridge tone for great leads wherever the road may lead—with the included bag, cable, and strap helping you to get there.

Fender Squier Electric Precision Bass Beginner Starter Pack $199 (Was $299)

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If you want more bass in your face and more change in your pocket, check out this awesome package deal—featuring a Squier Electric Precision Bass, a padded gig bag, a Rumble 15 amp, a strap, a cable, a stand, clip-on tuner, picks, and an extra set of strings. It’s the perfect beginner’s bundle, offering a low-weight, low-cost, but still high-quality instrument and all the accessories you need to get in tune and to lessons, practice, the battle of the bands, etc.

Donner DEP-20 Beginner Digital Piano 88-Key Full Size Weighted Keyboard $471.99 (Was $598.99)

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Featuring 88 full-sized hammer action keys with adjustable touch response, this portable digital piano can adjust to and with your playing style. Whether you’re rehearsing, learning and creating, practicing or performing, this keyboard—which comes with a furniture stand—offers 238 types of tone and 128-note max polyphony and features a dual-tone mode for combining two voices together, like piano and drum. In addition, there is a sustain pedal, a triangle pedal, and audio inputs & outputs. It’s a great instrument to make sure you’re keyed into a piece.

Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set $124.15 (Was $249.99)

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If someone or something has drummed up your child’s interest to play percussion, this is a great entry-level set—featuring a bass drum, toms, snare, cymbal, hi-hat, drumsticks, and a seat. It’s an all-in-one junior kit that’s shiny, durable, and adjustable—everything you need to get things set up and have your budding John Bonham or Nandi Bushell playing in no time (or in perfect time, eventually).

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