Check Out The First-Ever Shark Sonogram

It's jam-packed with little biting teeth! Aww!

Scientists have captured the first-ever shark sonogram, and gosh is it cute. Or creepy. Mostly creepy.

A 12.5-foot tiger shark, named “Emily” by these humans but probably named something a lot cooler by her shark fam, carries 20 pups. Before this, sharks were killed and cut open to study pregnancies.

This aquatic gynecologist appointment will help scientists track where sharks go to give birth: If they go to a nursery field, that area could be preserved and protected from human activities.

The refreshingly non-bloodthirsty video is part of Discovery’s Shark Week, said to be inspiring “Shark n’ Awe,” but apparently not puns beyond the Bush era.

Correction 6/30/2016 at 4:15PM: Tiger sharks, unlike sand tiger sharks, do not have intra-uterine cannibalism as was previously stated in an earlier version of this article. Sorry we accused these unborn sharks of murder.