Over a period of four months in late 2003, the Hubble telescope assembled an image that represents the deepest look into space every composed. The Ultra Deep Field image captures an estimated 10,000 galaxies, some as old as 13 billion years (just a few hundred million years after the Big Bang, going by most estimates), all squeezed into a sliver of sky no bigger than what you’d see behind a 1-millimeter square postage stamp held one meter away.

Here’s what it looks like in 3D.

The first few minutes of this video, put together with NASA’s animations by the folks at provides some interesting background on the subject, like the basics of planetary redshift, and how some planets are 47 billion light years away from us. Then, at the 3 minute mark, the good stuff sets in and you get a look at what it feels like to float through the Ultra Deep Field in 3D.

It’s amazing. [via YouTube via Make]