Tatyana Woodall

Tatyana Woodall

Science Contributor

Tatyana Woodall is a regular contributor to Popular Science. Based in Ohio, she’s extremely interested in how science and technology intertwine in daily life. When she’s not learning something new, she’s writing fiction


  • Science journalist with a deep passion for new discoveries and technological breakthroughs
  • I believe that if something makes you smile, it’d probably make for a good story 
  • Past Byliner: MIT Technology Review, New York Times Student Journalism Institute


Before freelancing for Popular Science, Tatyana was an Emerging Journalist Fellow at MIT Technology Review, where she covered stories that ranged from space, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Some of her past favorites include the time she wrote about international space policy, and when scientists discovered proof that volcanoes once thrived on the moon.

For a short time, she also took over writing The Airlock, MIT Tech Review’s space newsletter, and once jumped at the chance to visit NASA to write about their newest fleet of autonomous rovers. She’s also written for the New York Times Student Journalism Institute on police violence, produced radio shows for WOSU-NPR, and was the Editor-in-Chief of the first Black campus publication at her university since the 1970s, Black x Bold Magazine.


Tatyana graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and holds two minors, one in media analysis and production, and another in screenwriting.

Favorite weird science fact

There’s a species of fungi that ‘eats’ radiation. NASA once grew some of it on the International Space Station.

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