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The best fire pit tables in 2024

If backyard aesthetics and extending how long you can use your outdoor space into late fall and early spring evenings are important to you, a fire pit table is an ideal solution. These gas-powered fire pits require little maintenance, are pleasing to the eye, and generate a lot of heat. What separates them from a […]

The best studio monitor stands for 2024

Studio monitor stands are the type of audio upgrade that’s easy to overlook. While upgrading your speaker cables or soundproofing your room has become accepted by wide swaths of the audio community, many folks are content with keeping their studio monitors directly on their desk. However, this is a suboptimal place to keep them for […]

The best electric commuter bikes for 2024

I started using an electric commuter bike out of necessity. I live in the suburbs of D.C., where our Metro lines occasionally close for weeks or months for train track and station upgrades. And driving into the city can cost $20 or more each way, thanks to toll roads and hot lanes. That’s before paying […]

The best 4K projectors in 2024, tested and reviewed

A 4K projector is the ultimate tool for cinephiles or gamers who want to get the most out of their ultra-high definition films and games without getting into multi-thousand-dollar screens and burdensome furniture. Only the most expensive TVs can even come close to the literal scale of a projector’s maximum screen size, and then you […]

The best budget soundbars for 2024

The only drawback to the trend of TVs getting slimmer is the lack of space for a decent speaker system, which is where a budget soundbar comes in. This inexpensive home theater upgrade will make a big difference in how much you enjoy watching movies and TV shows or playing video games. While many of […]

The best AAA batteries in 2024

AAA batteries (aka triple-A batteries) power all kinds of devices, from recreational to essential. They’re found in dozens of devices, from digital cameras and drones to laser levels and blood pressure monitors. These tiny powerhouses deliver the same 1.5V output as AA batteries, but they are smaller and lighter, so the gadgets they are used […]