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Inside the first non-alcoholic distillery in the United States 

I’m in the woods near Wahclella Falls, and I’m looking at an innocuous-looking plant that could be mistaken for parsley, except it’s water hemlock—found all over the United States and highly poisonous to humans. It’s what killed Socrates. Its nontoxic fraternal twin is Angelica archangelica—angelica or wild celery, one of the 150 mysterious herbs Carthusian […]

The best mini fridges for offices in 2024

Companies increasingly require full-time workers to spend more days in the office, which means leaving behind the convenience of just wandering to the fridge when the mood strikes. Even just a hybrid work schedule means more commuting, and more commuting means considering costs. One of the easier ways to save money is skipping meals out […]

The best Chromebooks for students in 2024

Buying kids a computer for any reason can be stressful, but parents become even more acutely aware of how much gadgets cost when kids become students—and that’s where a Chromebook comes in. When it comes to a student’s laptop, you must consider whether it has all the capability and compatibility a kid needs now and […]

Chopping it up with the best personal blenders for 2024

A personal blender is perfect if you’re making smoothies, soups, and even frozen cocktails for one. They pack many of the same features as full-sized blenders in a pint-sized package that’s perfect if you’re low on counter space. As an apartment dweller who has lived in college crustzones, old buildings with no dishwashers, and slightly […]

The best Klipsch speakers in 2024

Klipsch speakers have impressed the audio world since the company’s inception in 1946, and the tradition of continually releasing new, innovative hardware has continued for the past 78 years. In recent years, Klipsch has branched out from passive floorstanding and bookshelf speakers into making powered and portable Bluetooth speakers. The company’s attention to high-energy acoustics […]

The best coffee machines for offices in 2024

You’re not alone if you like to jump-start your day at the coffee machine. According to a report by the National Coffee Association (NCA), 63% of Americans drink coffee daily, making it the most consumed beverage—even more popular than water. The report also reveals that 36% of Americans say they have an in-office coffee station. […]

The best turntable accessories for Record Store Day 2024

Record Store Day 2024 is this coming Saturday, April 20, and to enjoy your limited-edition slabs of wax to their fullest, you’ll need a few accessories. (If you need help finding the right turntable, we have recommendations, too.) Add-ons for your record player typically fall into a couple of categories: maintenance and audio fidelity improvements. […]