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The best seat cushions for office chairs in 2024, tested and reviewed

If you work in an office, even a home office, you’re probably sitting in a chair for eight or more hours a day—a potentially tiring scenario, but the right seat cushion can make it more comfortable. To be clear, sitting for prolonged periods of time is detrimental to your health. Heart disease, lower back and […]

The best floor lamps in 2024

If you have a space where the world’s darkness, or at least the sun’s exposure, has made a dark void, you need one of these floor lamps.

The best wired headphones for 2024, tested and reviewed

While most of the world is content to rush toward a wireless future, audiophiles know the truth: the best sound quality still comes from wired headphones. Without Bluetooth compression to worry about, you can listen to music in full fidelity, enjoying every tiny detail and nuance that made you fall in love with music in […]

The best shredders for small offices in 2024

Small office setups have one big problem: limited space for all the computers, printers, paper shredders, etc., that need to fit in them. A functioning home office is necessary now that so many of us work from home or have taken on flexible working schedules. Luckily, working from the kitchen table is no longer your […]

The best smart grills for 2024

Many of us have made the leap to having at least a few key smart home accessories inside our home, but how about one that lives outside: a smart grill. It’s hard to beat a smart home gadget that can help deliver perfectly cooked food without second-guessing yourself or constantly reaching for a thermometer. Or […]

Breaking through the noise

Bustling restaurants provide the ultimate real-world hearing challenge. As diners swap stories, their voices compete with the chatter of other tables, the clatter of dishes, and a smattering of background music that creeps into the foreground. It’s the perfect recipe to overwhelm someone with hidden hearing loss—a poorly understood condition that makes communicating in noisy […]

The best fire pit tables in 2024

If backyard aesthetics and extending how long you can use your outdoor space into late fall and early spring evenings are important to you, a fire pit table is an ideal solution. These gas-powered fire pits require little maintenance, are pleasing to the eye, and generate a lot of heat. What separates them from a […]