The best automatic cat feeders for 2024

An automatic cat feeder won't stop your pet from screaming at you at 6 a.m. for food, but it can help with portion sizing and feeding times.

Best overall

Whisker Feeder Robot

Best for wet food

A white Cat Mate automatic cat feeder on a plain background.

Cat Mate C300 Automatic Digital Pet Feeder

Best budget

A PETLIBRO Air automatic cat feeder on a plain background

PETLIBRO Air Automatic Cat Feeder

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If your cat can’t get enough of its crunchies, an automatic cat feeder can help. They make it easy to maintain moderation—you’re giving your feline friend an exact amount of food—and they keep your pet on a consistent feeding schedule. They also stop other pets in the house from eating their food. If you own more than one cat, consider an automatic car feeder with two bowls to create healthy habits for the entire household. Some have apps that let you control it from far away, and others let you record a sweet message for your cat while you’re out. Although most pet feeders are designed to dispense dry food, it’s possible to feed your cat wet food without being in the kitchen for feeding time. And, others only open when a pet’s microchip or RFID tag is in close range. The best automatic cat feeders can help keep your cat full, happy, and healthy.

How we chose the best automatic cat feeders

We looked at bowls with smart features, that accommodated multiple kinds of cat food, and that held at least a week’s worth of food in the hopper. We also ensured the bowls were stainless steel or looked to see if you could swap out a plastic bowl for a stainless steel one. Cats can develop feline acne from the bacteria that can linger in a plastic bowl. Although we can pop any zits we get, cats can’t. Feline acne is itchy, which makes a cat scratch their chin even more, exacerbating the problem. Most cases of cat acne are mild, but as a fellow cat parent with a cat that has both mild feline acne and mild feline asthma, I know that any new bump or crust leads to frantic web searching that convinces you your cat has an autoimmune issue and/or cancer. One bowl change is worth the time saved not Googling “cat bump on chin help.”

The best automatic cat feeders: Reviews & Recommendations

Cats require a lot of work, playtime, and pets to be their best. Food and treats are major pieces in the puzzle of keeping your pet healthy and happy. One of our picks should help your cat get the nutrients they need at the right time, sans overindulging.

Best overall: Whisker Feeder Robot


  • Capacity: 32 cups
  • App connectivity: Yes
  • Number of pets it feeds: One
  • Serving size dispensed: 1/2 cup of pet food in 1/8-cup increments


  • App connectivity
  • Lots of customization
  • Back-up battery


  • Non-stainless steel bowl

Give your cat the right amount of time, every time, with this automatic cat feeder that comes from the makers of the Litter-Robot. You can feed your pet from anywhere by using the Whisker app (for iOS and Android), and you can track your pet’s eating habits with its history feature. Anti-jam tech and food backup detection prevent missed meals, and a model with a battery backup keeps your pet’s eating times on schedule even when the power is out. A chew-resistant power cord and removable parts make it especially pet-friendly.

Although the bowl is BPA-free, feline acne is a risk. You can remove the bowl and replace it with a stainless steel one, but it’s an added cost for an already expensive automatic cat feeder.

Best high-capacity: faroro 7L Automatic Cat Feeder


  • Capacity: 30 cups
  • App connectivity: No
  • Number of pets it feeds: One
  • Serving size dispensed: 5-10 grams


  • High capacity
  • Voice recording
  • Can feed an adult cat for 35 days


  • Non-stainless steel bowl

Lugging around a large bag of cat food is less than desirable. Thankfully, you only need to fill this automatic pet feeder every 35 days. You can set it up so you feed your pet 1-5 meals per day with 1-39 portions per meal. Each portion is 5-10 grams, so you might have to do some math to ensure your cat is getting the right amount of food daily. A dual power supply means your pet’s feeding schedule won’t get thrown out of whack if the power goes out. The food hopper and bowl can be removed for cleaning. Our favorite feature is the included voice recording, which records a 10-second message to your pet. The bowl is, unfortunately, plastic, meaning you risk feline acne.

Best for multiple cats: PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Food Dispenser for Two Cats


  • Capacity: 5 liters
  • App connectivity: No
  • Number of pets it feeds: Two
  • Serving size dispensed: 2 teaspoons


  • Adjustable meal splitter
  • Stainless steel bowls included
  • Reliable


  • Portion sizes take time to figure out

A cat feeder for two cats ensures each cat gets the correct portion simultaneously. This is perfect for a household where your felines fight over who gets fed when, and how much. The LCD display is set at a 45-degree angle, so it’s easy to view, and an option to record a 10-second message makes your cat feel like you’re home. The adjustable meal splitter has a three percent dispensing tolerance, making mealtime equal. Crunchies stay crunchy thanks to four layers of sealing, which also ensures other pets don’t steal from the hopper. An infrared sensor checks the food outlet and stops dispensing if it’s blocked. The feeder can accommodate dry, freeze-dried, mixed, and air-dried food up to 15 millimeters in size.

You might have to do some math to figure out portion sizing. The PETLIBRO can feed 1-6 meals daily and up to 50 portions each meal (each portion is two teaspoons). The company recommends feeding your pet 3-4 meals a day. For example, if your cat needs 1/2 cup of food a day, that equals six portions spread out over three meals.

Best for wet food: Cat Mate C300 Automatic Digital Pet Feeder


  • Capacity: 34.5 ounces total
  • App connectivity: No
  • Number of pets it feeds: One
  • Serving size dispensed: 11.5 ounces


  • Bowl is dishwasher-safe
  • Comes with built-in icepack
  • Easy to set-up


  • Only holds three servings
  • Stainless steel bowls sold separately

Wet food helps your cat ingest more water and makes it easy for toothless cats to get their daily nutrients. How do you pre-portion and serve what is essentially chunky goop out of an automatic cat feeder? The answer is a circular feeder with a built-in ice pack that reveals the food instead of dispensing it. The cover and bowl are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. A battery status indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the batteries, and a small digital screen shows you the current time and scheduled feeding times. It comes with a plastic bowl (boo), but stainless steel bowls are sold separately (yay).

Best for keeping dogs out: Sure Petcare-SureFlap-SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder


  • Capacity: 13.5 fl. oz.
  • App connectivity: No
  • Number of pets it feeds: One
  • Serving size dispensed: N/A


  • Doesn’t automatically refill
  • Collar tag included
  • Included training mode


  • Expensive

If the dog or other cat is a food thief and nothing seems to keep them out/away from the feeders, a microchip feeder can put a stop to stolen noms. This feeder only opens with a registered pet’s microchip or with an RFID collar tag. Each slice of the feeder holds 13.5 fl. oz. of wet or dry food, and a neoprene seal on the lip keeps food fresh. It works with 9-, 10-, and 15-digit microchip numbers, or you can attach the included RFID tag to their collar. Although it doesn’t refill the food for you, it is the best way to keep food away from the wrong pets. Finally, some peace in your multi-pet home.

Best budget: PETLIBRO Air Automatic Cat Feeder


  • Capacity: 2 liters
  • App connectivity: Yes, available in a separate model
  • Number of pets it feeds: One
  • Serving size dispensed: 1 1/2 cup


  • Holds a week’s worth of food
  • Included stainless steel bowl
  • Refill light


  • Portion sizes take time to figure out
  • Small capacity

You don’t need to spend much to get a great automatic cat feeder, especially if your cat is a smarty-pants who can open doors. The press-to-lock button keeps your cat out of the food tank, and a control panel cover prevents accidental button presses. It runs on D-cell batteries or wall power, with a 180-day battery life for consistent power. A low-food indicator lets you know when it’s time to refill, and it also flashes for food jamming and when the battery is low. A WiFi option lets you control the feeder via the PETLIBRO app (for iOS and Android). Like our multiple cat pick, you have to do some math to get your portion sizes right with this value pick. It’s good to flex your brain muscles, right?

What to consider when buying the best automatic cat feeders

Overfeeding your cat is currently a major problem. Sixty percent of cats in the U.S. are considered overweight, and some repercussions come with that. The more your cat eats, the more they poop, but the less nutrients they absorb. It can also change their gut microbiome, affect their longevity, and lead to diabetes and chronic inflammation. An automatic cat feeder prevents your cat from overeating (which they will do when allowed) by portioning and serving the correct amount of food. Here’s what you should consider when choosing the best option for your pet.

Bowl material

Plastic bowls can harbor bacteria that can give your cat feline acne. Even ceramic isn’t the best material for cat bowls. Look for something made of stainless steel, which is non-porous, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. Plus, they don’t break or chip like plastic and ceramic bowls.

Voice recording

Some automatic cat feeders let you record your own voice, which keeps your cat happy when you’re not home and makes your feeder seem less robotic. This is especially great if your cat is a little timid. Some automatic pet feeders come with a training mode to help cats adjust to eating out of an automatic feeder.

Cat’s weight and portion size

Each individual cat has different dietary needs, but generally, they need 1/3-1/2 cup of food per day, depending on your cat’s weight. Automatic cat feeders divvy out portions at a specific time for meal time, and you’ll have to do the math on what portion size you should choose. Talk to your vet before changing your cat’s feeding schedule.

Smart features

Smart features help you control your pet feeder from your phone, which is great if you’re not home to ensure the feeding time is happening as planned. Some apps include tracking to see how much your cat has eaten. Smart features are worth the money if you’re looking for some added bells and whistles. (And if you’re as curious as a … cat you can always install a WiFi-connected pet camera to find out how things are going while you’re not home.)


Q: How long can I leave my cat with an automatic feeder?

If you’re going on a trip, you should have someone check on your cat at least once a day. If possible, they should check in twice a day. Although automatic feeders are great to keep your cat fed while you’re away, they need their litterboxes scooped and their water bowls checked on. Also, you want someone to ensure the automatic cat feeder works correctly.

Q: How much dry food should a cat eat a day?

It depends on the cat’s weight, age, if they’re pregnant or nursing, their health, and their activity level. The average indoor cat needs 250 calories, or 1/2 cup, of food a day. Talk to your veterinarian about your cat’s feeding schedule before making any changes.

Q: Can multiple cats share the same feeder?

Absolutely, but only if the feeder comes with two bowls. It’s more comfortable for cats to eat out of their own bowls, and it prevents cats from competing for food. Plus, it ensures that each cat gets the appropriate amount of food daily.

Final thoughts on the best automatic cat feeders

An automatic cat feeder times out your cat’s feeding schedule so they don’t eat all their allotted dry food and yell at you for more. Some have smart capabilities that let you control the feeder from your phone, and some let you leave your pet a sweet voice message. Multi-pet options let you manage feeding time with two-plus voracious velociraptors, and you can even snag one that uses your pet’s microchip to get access to food. Your cat will be happy about the food waterfall, and you’ll feel better about the amount you’re giving them.

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