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The best drum mics

Whether you are recording yourself or a full band, here are all the best drum mics for a broad range of genres and uses.

The best hot tubs of 2024

Since the discovery of fire, humans have sought to relax their stressed-out, overworked, and underpaid bodies in a heated bucket of near-boiling water. We have achieved this effect with hot stones, burning charcoal, and straight-up fire. And then came electricity, which meant that we could build actual hot tubs that weren’t just bowls of what […]

The best 3D printer resin in 2024

You’ll need 3D printer resin for 3D resin printing if you have a resin 3D printer. It sounds like a tongue twister, but it is just a simple fact. Your printer almost certainly came with some resin, giving you an initial feeling of what your printer is capable of. But did you know that there […]