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Leaning into the thrills: Audio-Technica microphones and the dynamic soundscapes of MotoGP

I’m laughing uncontrollably, but nothing’s funny. I’ve been secured for days behind chain-link fences, surrounded by men in towers with shotguns. Now I’m in a car going 150+ mph, overwhelmed by feelings of terror and freedom. It sounds like a fast and furious getaway, but the only thing that’s been captured is excitement. The barriers […]

The best double DIN head units of 2024

Adding an aftermarket double DIN head unit to your car is one of the quickest ways to upgrade your audio quality, media playback options, and overall user experience with relatively little effort. Because a wide majority of these stereos come standard with touchscreen interfaces, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone control capability, they’re an especially appealing option […]

PreSonus Eris Pro studio speakers review: Folding mighty sound into compact enclosures

When it comes to studio monitors, precision, clarity, and accuracy are the name of the game. Unlike speakers designed for casual listening, studio monitors don’t “flatter” sound; rather, they provide a clear, honest window into your productions, ensuring your mixes sound exactly as you intended anywhere they’re played. As stereo slowly gives way to spatial […]

The best commuter backpacks in 2024

Commuter backpacks are a workplace essential whether you go into an office five days a week, on a hybrid schedule, or work from the local cafe. Some are rugged, others are light, but all of them serve a single purpose: keeping your most precious cargo safe from one place to another. We researched and reviewed […]

The best indoor security cameras of 2024

Indoor security cameras can be invaluable if you’re curious about what happens when you’re not home. How are your pets when it’s your day to go to work? Are the children revolting against the babysitter? You can ponder about it and give yourself a heart attack or simply set up a camera and see for […]