The best blankets for movie nights and catching z’s

Cozy up to these snuggly, stylish blankets.

Best overall

A grey Chanasya Premium Wolf Faux Fur Throw Blanket on a blue couch.

Chanasya Premium Wolf Faux Fur Throw Blanket

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Best splurge

A navy Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket on a plain background.

Parachute Dusk Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket

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Best budget

A grey Bedsure Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch on a plain background.

Bedsure Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch

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Blankets are a lifelong obsession. From birth, we are given one that some of us still hold on to well into adulthood. That blanket of yore may be entering its threadbare era, but there are plenty of others on the market that can conjure the same homey, warm feelings—except you can throw your newer blanket in the wash without fear of it disintegrating into pieces. Plus, you can find all sorts of throws for everywhere and everyone in your home: One specifically for the foot of your bed! One to drape over the couch! One for your pet! You deserve your own blanket, too. Whether knitted by a family member or purchased at a big box store, there’s nothing better to snuggle up with after a long, arduous day working from home. The best blankets are soft, good for all seasons, and make you feel like you’re enveloped in a fleece hug.

How we chose the best blankets

As the purveyor of all things warm here at PopSci, and a person who is picky about fabrics in my personal life, I have owned many a blanket over the years—but only a few have lasted the test of time and haven’t been donated. To narrow our choices, we looked at sizes, care instructions, fabric quality and type, and considered different blankets for different purposes.

The best blankets: Reviews & Recommendations

Whether it’s a fleece throw blanket that perfectly matches your couch or a heated blanket to keep you warm in colder months, one of our picks should be a hit in your home.

Best overall: Chanasya Premium Wolf Faux Fur Throw Blanket

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  • Sizes: 50 x 65, 60 x 70, King, Queen/Full, Twin
  • Fabric type: 100% polyester
  • Care instructions: Machine wash with cold water, tumble dry with no heat


  • Soft
  • Comes in lots of sizes and colors
  • Machine washable


  • Sherpa portion can lose softness over time

Storytime! I was first introduced to this blanket by someone I no longer speak to. They noticed I liked it and said, “I will buy it for you for the holidays,” to which I replied, “I will buy it myself, thank you!” I ordered a throw size in a beautiful charcoal gray, and it came to my door two days later. That was in late 2019. Me and my wolf throw lived—and continue to live—happily. JunkJunk, my cat, loves to make biscuits on it. However, I began to wonder … should I get another throw? One problem: The name of this magical, perfect blanket now eluded me; I also couldn’t find it in my order history. I knew the company name began with a Ch and what it looked like. Thus began a years-long search for this lovely throw. I came across many imitations but never found what I considered to be the original. Then I began to do my research for this story and finally found it: Thee Chanasya Premium Wolf Faux Fur Throw Blanket.

You can sleep with it in warmer weather or throw it over your comforter if you’re craving some extra warmth in the winter. The mink is not too long or thin, is perfectly plush, and doesn’t shed when the cat clocks in for his shift at the biscuit factory. The Sherpa is still in good shape despite years of snuggling. It is the perfect fuzzy blanket. They say every cloud has a silver lining, and I’m glad my tumultuous post-grad college love life gave me the best blanket I’ve owned.

I must note that, like all Sherpa fabrics, the pile can get a little rough as you wash it over time. However, I keep my blanket soft by choosing some washing machine settings: I give it an extra rinse, use 1-2 teaspoons of detergent, and don’t use fabric softener. It sounds counterintuitive, but fabric softener is bad for your laundry.

Best splurge: Parachute Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket

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  • Sizes: Full/Queen, King/California King
  • Fabric type: Linen-cotton blend
  • Care instructions: Machine washable


  • Light
  • Made of durable materials
  • Great for all seasons


  • Expensive
  • Only comes in three colors

We loved the Parachute Home Brushed Cotton Sheet Set, so it’s natural that we loved the lightweight, stylish blanket. It’s made of cotton and linen, both of which are great fabrics that hold up over time, wash after wash. You can fold it over and place it at the foot of your bed, drape it on top of the duvet, or wrap it around yourself, thanks to its Full/Queen or King/California King size. It’s great and breathable for when a sheet alone is too light but a comforter or duvet is too heavy. It is expensive, meaning a change in bedspread hinges on how it matches the blanket.

Best heated: Pure Enrichment PureRelief Radiance Deluxe Heated Blanket

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  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • Fabric type: 100% Polyester
  • Care instructions: Machine wash, tumble dry no heat


  • Two controllers for Queen and King sizes
  • Lots of heat settings
  • Soft 


  • Material is thin

This blanket is a worthy addition—or even a replacement—for your space heater. It heats up in only five minutes, and a 5’9″ cord means you can use it from plenty of spots in your home, from the couch to the bed to your office chair. Four different size options mean there’s one for all heights. If you’re a fan of sleeping with one, an easy-to-read LCD display and 10-second auto-controller lights prevent late-night fumbling. A 10-hour auto shut-off means you don’t have to worry about causing a fire if you sleep in. When it’s time for a wash, simply throw it in the washer. Its anti-pill mink fabric keeps it soft wash after wash. This pick was a favorite among all the people and pets in the house, thanks to its snuggly nature and heat. It is a little thin, and you can feel the wires. However, we think the amount of fabric makes up for its thinness, and I personally think the thin fabric is perfect for staying warm without getting overheated.

Best weighted: Bearaby Hand-Knit Weighted Blanket for Adults

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  • Sizes: 40 x 64 (10 lbs.), 40 x 72 (15 lbs.)
  • Fabric type: Organic cotton
  • Care instructions: Machine washable


  • Stylish
  • Multiple sizes and weights
  • Made of organic cotton


  • Expensive
  • Can be stiff

This Bearaby chunky knit blanket is made with organic cotton, is free of artificial fillers, and has earned the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 for not containing harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about sleeping under one. Plus, it’s a stylish way to feel like someone is lying on top of you to melt your troubles away.

In order to have a weighted blanket that will quell anxiety and not feel suffocating, Bearaby recommends that you choose an option that’s roughly 10 percent of your body weight and provides a simple calculator to help you find the best option for your bed size. These are available in 10- and 15-pound sizes and come in Moonstone Grey or Midnight Blue. They’re also machine-washable; you can toss them in the dryer for a tumble dry.

Best oversized: Big Blanket Co. Premier Plush Blanket

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  • Sizes: One size (10 feet by 10 feet)
  • Fabric type: 100% polyester
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold; tumble dry low


  • Warm
  • Large


  • Can be too large for small apartments or living rooms
  • Expensive

If a King-sized throw isn’t up your alley—or if you’re really, really tall—the Big Blanket Co. throw is made for you. Really! The company’s origins literally lay in the company’s owner being too tall for standard blankets. This blanket is 10 feet by 10 feet, meaning you’ll have enough fabric to snuggle, even if you’re 6’5″ and up. It’s super soft, and don’t let the thin fabric fool you: It’s super warm. It’s machine washable, and you’d be surprised how compact the blanket can get. If you live in a small apartment, however, the amount of blanket in your home can be overwhelming to humans. (Not to pets, however, as shown above). It’s also very expensive. For the cost of one Big Blanket, you could buy … more than one regular-sized blanket. If you’re a person who wants to get the most out of everything, you’ll appreciate the price after you find the cost per square inch compounded with the number of people using the blanket at once.

Best cooling: Bedsure Cooling Cotton Waffle Size Blanket

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  • Sizes: Twin XL (66 x 90 inches0; Throw XL (50 x 70 inches); Queen (90 x 90), or King (104 x 90)
  • Fabric type: 50% cotton and 50% rayon derived from bamboo
  • Care instructions: Machine wash, do not bleach


  • Lightweight
  • Soft, stylish waffle pattern
  • Versatile


  • Will shrink in hot water

Outfitting a bed is hard if you’re a warm person or someone trying to find a blanket for summer. Thankfully, this cooling blanket is light and airy so that you won’t get hot, yet it feels substantial enough that you feel covered. We have a half cotton, half bamboo-derived rayon blend to thank for that—both are breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. You can use it year-round and stick it at the foot of bed. They’re machine-washable and come in 18 colors and four sizes. You have to be careful when washing this blanket, however; this blanket can shrink if you wash it in hot water. Stick to cold water and you’ll feel cool for snagging this cooling blanket.

Best budget: Bedsure Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch 

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  • Sizes: Throw, Throw XL, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, and King
  • Fabric type: Polyester
  • Care instructions: Machine wash, do not bleach


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Lots of colors and sizes to choose from
  • Cheap


  • Linty
  • A little too thin to use alone in the winter

If you’re looking for just any blanket that won’t bust the budget, look no further than Bedsure. For under $10, you can get high-quality fleece that comes in all sizes and colors. You can choose from Throw, Throw XL, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, and King sizes. You have 28 colors to choose from, including grey, sage green, and lilac. You can use it indoors or outdoors and it is lightweight and durable. It does shed a bit on first use, and it’s a little too thin to use alone in the winter.

What to consider when buying the best blankets

We all know the pain of wanting a cozy blanket and only having a decorative blanket to use. With the right preparation, you could never be in that predicament again. Here’s what to know when buying the best blankets:


If you want to stay warm in the winter, consider synthetic fabrics like Sherpa, fleece, and blankets made of polyester. If you’re looking for something light and airy, you should gravitate toward linen, cotton, and bamboo.


If thickness is the prime must-have, you should consider checking out the grams per square meter (GSM). The higher the GSM, the thicker the blanket will be. Consider blankets in high GSM, which are perfect for cooler weather.


Blanket placement is an important consideration. Smaller blankets are perfect for the end of the bed and on small couches. Consider larger blankets for full beds, on large couches, or if the blanket will be shared with a lot of people.


Q: How often should you replace your blankets?

Blankets can last up to five years or more with proper care. If your blanket is threadbare, you might need to say goodbye. If your blanket is still usable, but you don’t vibe with it anymore, consider donating it. Thicker blankets, like quilts, can last decades with proper care.

Q: How often should you wash your blanket?

Once or twice per month. If it’s a blanket that doesn’t often come in contact with skin, you can get away with washing it less.

Q: What is a good blanket size?

Blankets should be the same size as the mattress or a few inches larger. If you’re using a blanket for decoration, you can choose a smaller size, like a throw or Twin XL.

Q: What blanket is better: Cotton or polyester?

It depends on what you’re using the blanket for. Consider cotton or linen if you’re looking for something lighter to use in the summer. If you’re using it for warmth, the plushness and heat-retention of polyester can keep you cozy when the temperature drops.

Final thoughts on the best blankets

Blankets reassure us when we’re feeling sad and low: they’re like a polyester hug when human ones aren’t available. However, there’s no better feeling than sharing a throw with those you love. Grab a snack, create your pillow fort, and get comfortable.

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