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Here's where we pull together our favorite like-items, whether that's desk accessories that'll make your worklife way more productive, home goods that are smarter than you are, or gifts for the most boring person you know. We get into the nitty-gritty details—materials, capabilities, dimensions—as well as provide the valuable qualitative assessments. Does it have a steep learning curve? Is the steep price worth it? Find out here. READ MORE


These are the devices that get you through the day—your smartphone, your wristwatch, your home monitoring system. We'll break down the coolest features of new products, as well as explain what type of person should drop cash on them. And listen, even if you're not the type to buy every new piece of electronic gear the week it comes out, you'll want to stay informed. Future you will be grateful. READ MORE

Rad and Random

A natural side-effect of being constantly on the lookout for great products is amassing a collection of things that excite you, but have no real place on a curated list. The Rad and Random series highlights some the gear that doesn’t fit into our larger themed roundups. It's a fun place to explore, especially for those who like oddball ingenuity and gratuitous nerdiness. ONWARD


Always on the lookout for those big red sale signs? So are we. We comb through the online marketplace for those slashed prices for you, highlighting the jaw-droppers that get our editors all hot and bothered. We could feature an impressive-looking espresso machine or a top-rated mechanical keyboard—it's all fair game so long as it's got a really, really good price. SEE MORE


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