Bill Gourgey, Contributing Writer at Popular Science

Bill Gourgey

Contributing Writer


  • Enjoys unearthing Science Past’s hidden treasures and tracking down their untold contemporary connections.
  • When not plumbing Science Past, likes to grok Science Future. Still believes that just as tech got us into this (you name it) mess, so tech can get us out.
  • Besides bylines in Popular Science, WIRED and OneZero, penned several novels including the Glide Trilogy (2014 Beverly Hills Book Award winner in Science Fiction) and Cap City Mysteries.


Favorite weird science fact

In September 1926 Popular Science covered the invention of an airplane-auto (p. 46), with “wings that fold like a beetle’s.” The inventor? None other than Sherman Fairchild (IBM, Fairchild Industries). Alas, a century on we’re still waiting, although, air taxi anyone?

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