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harvester ants

How ants acts for the common good of the colony

Researchers observe reverse social contagion at work.

Close up of bald eagle

Hunters’ bullets are poisoning bald eagles

A lead fragment as small as a grain of rice is enough to kill one.

How to make a walkie talkie for your dog

How to make a walkie talkie for your dog

Popular Science lauded such an effort in 1939. Today is a whole different story.

Hurricane Ian flood, Florida.

FEMA will now consider climate change when it rebuilds after floods

The federal agency is overhauling its disaster rules in a bid to end a cycle of rebuilding in unsafe areas.

A person coding on a tablet using MS Visual Studio.

Accelerate coding and enhance efficiency with MS Visual Studio, now $34.97

Save extra through July 21 for our version of Prime Day.

Bag filled with smuggled snakes

Chinese Customs caught man with 104 snakes in his pants

The alleged smuggler is not the first try the tactic.

The rim and floor of Gale Crater as seen from NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

Mars was icy and wet billions of years ago, new study suggests

The Red Planet was a wasteland then, too.

Image of the planet Mars

Elon Musk’s Martian dreams include modded Cybertrucks and bioengineered animals

The SpaceX CEO believes colonizing Mars is key to humanity’s survival.

An illustration of newly discovered crocodile relative named Benggwigwishingasuchus eremicarminis on the coast of an ancient ocean called Panthalassa.

Say hello to the surprising crocodile relative Benggwigwishingasuchus eremicarminis

‘Our first reaction was: What the hell is this?’

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