Will Fulton

Will Fulton

Contributor, Reviews

Will Fulton is a writer and critic with a diverse range of interests and experience, particularly focusing on video games, media, and technology. He has written news, reviews, features, guides, branded content at a variety of publications, including Polygon, The Verge, GameSpot, Lifewire, and Digital Trends.



  • Experienced journalist, critic, and marketing creative for the games industry and consumer tech
  • Previous life as an NYC theater artist, critic, and company co-founder
  • Always a critic, even if no one is paying them to do so


On graduating college in 2007, Will immediately moved to New York to become a theater director, and spent his 20s doing so—as well as sound design, dramaturgy, and co-founding the company AntiMatter Collective in 2011. During this time he wrote many reviews for the now-defunct nytheatre.com, which he parlayed into a career in journalism.

He worked at Digital Trends as a staff writer for many years, covering the gaming industry, as well as PC hardware. He’s also lent his skills to many publications as freelance critic, including Lifewire and Gamespot. In addition to media, Will has also worked as a marketing creative at ViacomCBS, conceiving and scripting branded content on GameSpot for clients such as Facebook/Oculus, CD Projekt Red, and Riot Games. His written sponsored articles have appeared on Polygon and The Verge.

Starting in 2021, Will began covering tech with the reviews team at Popular Science, contributing to its gaming and computing hardware coverage.


Will graduated from the University of Chicago in 2007 with a BA in Comparative Literature, focusing on classics, theater, and media theory (though he spent most of his first year as a physics major).

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