Featured by Lauren Leffer

Cracked cap bolete mushroom foraged in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York City
Empty cups, both plastic and paper, take out containers, straws, and other trash sit in a multi-colored pile. Starbucks, Nathans, Dunkin Donuts, and Canada Dry logos are visible on some of the items.
Venus as a white dome in the background, a camera in the left foreground, in black and white.
Two women sit cross-legged, facing each other on a beige sofa. They are each holding a white mug and look absorbed in conversation.
A man wearing a grey suit and glasses has a white surgical mask partially covering his mouth and chin. He is walking down a cobblestone street facing towards the camera while others walk facing the other way. It is nighttime and a building and street vendor are in the background.
A dark haired person wearing a black and white patterned mask with a red backpack stands in a grocery store aisle, holding up a smartphone in one hand and running their other hand through their hair. They are looking intently at an array of colorful packaged foods.
A red-eyed, black-bodied cicada with amber legs and wings perches on a brown stick facing towards the camera. The cicada's head is in sharp focus while the rest of the image blurs into the green background.
A child wearing a dark t-shirt and striped leggings climbs a playground structure. The child and structure are greyscale against a yellow, beige, black, pink, and green abstract background.
A grey haired man in a dark suit, wearing a black mask stands in from of a two-toned blue background and behind a long table set up with three microphones and chairs. The background says