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The Walmart Renaissance is very real. A once openly-mocked big box store is now a TikTok darling and has a fanbase as dedicated as Target’s. Walmart continues to give the goods this Cyber Monday with enlightening tablet deals that give you up to $200 in savings.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, 12.4″, 128GB Mystic Black (Wi-Fi), S Pen Included $499 (Was $699)

The biggest deal we saw in Walmart’s tablet section was this Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, which is $200 off its $699 retail price. This tablet is like a mullet: both business and party combined. Use it for sending emails on-the-go, or demolish a few games of Contexto to get the leftover tryptophan fog out of your brain. Its 12.4-inch AMOLED screen allows you to see every detail in The Rings of Power, and an edge-to-edge screen lets you see more of the Shire and less bezel. Fast WiFi, a day-long battery, and a lightweight lag-phobic S pen lets you get work done with as little roadblocks as possible.

These Cyber Monday deals end at midnight tonight, so click “add to cart” before Smeagol tries to take the deal to rule them all from you in a fit of lustful insanity.

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