Save these on refurbished Apple gear and brand new accessories

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The newest Apple Keynote was just unveiled last month, and it introduced a bevy of swanky gadgets, including an M1-powered iPad Air, the latest iteration of the iPhone SE, an iPhone 13 Pro in a new colorway, and a new Mac Studio Display. And while all these devices are impressive, to say the least, not everyone can cough up thousands on brand new gear.

If you wish to upgrade your Apple gear and accessories, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, lo and behold these discounted alternatives for you to enjoy. With this sale, you can enjoy up to a 66-percent discount on refurbished Apple devices and tools.

Apple MacBook Air 11-inch 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 128GB – Black (Refurbished)

Reach peak productivity anywhere you go with this MacBook Air that ticks all the boxes: 9 hours of battery life, 128 GB of flash storage, Intel Core i5 processor, and 4GB of RAM. It can run a slew of apps simultaneously, allowing for easy multitasking. Normally $700, you can get a refurbished unit for only $247.99.

Crave 4Ft Lightning to USB Cable

Stop settling for flimsy cables and opt for this 4-foot wire wrapped in tangle-proof nylon, so it never bends, twists or breaks. It comes with a Lightning connector that recognizes your device’s proper power requirements and protects it from overcharging and power surges. It typically goes for $19, but you can get it on sale for only $14.99.

Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain

Make Apple Watch charging on the go a breeze with this keychain that uses a microcomputer electronic system to wirelessly charge the touch-sensitive Apple Watch. Simply place the watch on a black magnetic charger, and its strong magnetic adsorption allows you to adjust the angle freely without deviating from the charger center. This one can accommodate all iWatch series, too. Formerly $49, it’s on sale for $19.99.

AirPod Charger

Your music won’t stop with this AirPod charger that allows for seamless charging on the go. Its topless design makes your earbuds accessible while driving, and its built-in mount lets you charge practically anywhere. It’s typically $49, but you can grab it on sale for $31.99.

Apple iPad 4, 16GB – Black (Refurbished: Wi-Fi Only)

Remain productive while on the move with this refurbished iPad 4 that boasts a lightning-fast processor, gorgeous retina display, and impressive battery life. Feel free to binge-watch shows, perform administrative tasks, and do virtually anything else you could on a computer, minus the bulk. It normally retails for $250, but you can get it on sale for $99.

Apple iPad Mini 7.9-inch 16GB SSD – White (Refurbished: Wi-Fi Only)

If you want a more portable option, this iPad Mini offers almost the same features. It packs 16GB of flash memory for storing important files, along with an A5 chip processor and 1GB of RAM that lets you multitask without lagging. Usually $299, you can score it on sale for $99.

MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Floating Stand

The MagStack features a 3-in-1 foldable design with three wireless charging spots, making it capable of juicing up to three devices simultaneously, including iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, and other Qi-compatible gadgets. When not in use, it folds into a space-saving single-device charger for your phone or earbuds. Get it on sale for $44.99—35-percent off the usual $69.

InCharge X Charging Cable

Dubbed as the “Swiss army knife of cables,” the InCharge X lets you connect, transfer files, and charge any device with its USB and USB-C ports that offer six charging combinations. It also boasts a 100W fast-charging feature, bringing your devices to full power in no time. Its normal retail price is $29, but you can get it on sale for $21.99.

2-in-1 Apple Silicone Charging Stand

Charge both your AirPods and Apple Watch to full power with this 2-in-1 charging stand. Its ergonomic design allows for easy transporting and saving space, and it also doubles as a viewing stand. Usually $34, it’s on sale for $17.95.

Magnet Wireless Charger – MagSafe Compatible

A charging pad that goes wherever your phone goes, it’s engineered to accommodate iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. It can charge through phone cases up to 5mm thick and accommodates not just Apple devices, but all Qi-enabled phones and all wireless earbud cases. It usually goes for $29, but you can grab a 2-pack for just $25.99.

Infinity Cable

Inspired by Apple’s famous MagSafe chargers, the Infinity Cable is designed to be the last cable you’ll ever buy. It supports 100W PD Charge, QC3.0/4.0, and data transfer for Apple, MicroUSB, and USB-C, and features N54-grade neodymium magnets strong enough to hold an iPad Air. Normally retailing for $55, it’s on sale for $24.99.

Apple AirPods Pro Crazy Horse Leather Case

Carry your AirPods Pro in style with this leather case that boasts a full-leather construction to offer superior protection. It also comes with a keychain that attaches to your belt, bags, and other places, allowing you to take your AirPods anywhere. Formerly $69, it’s on sale for $39.99.

Chargeworx 4-Piece Accessory Kit For Apple AirPods

Make your AirPods last longer with this kit that comes packed with the essentials you need to safe-keep your earbuds. It’s equipped with a silicon case to protect it from bumps and scratches, a carabiner that attaches to your bag, belt, or clothes, a magnetic safety strap that you can hang around your neck, and a watch band holder to protect your AirPods when you’re hamming it out at the gym. It typically retails for $49, but you can get it on sale for $22.99.

AirPod Cleaning Pen

AirPods are notoriously tough to clean, but this cleaning pen is designed to make the process more manageable. It features a metal tip that can clean the small parts and holes of the earplugs, a soft-light sponge that can clean stains or dirt on the headphones and case, and a fine bristle brush that removes dirt from the sound-hole and other parts. Normally $24, you can get it on sale for $14.99.

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