April 2013: How It Works

Letter From The Editor

How Darkness Works

Plus: A Video Message From The Editor
By Jacob Ward

How It Works

The Most Powerful Space Rocket

By Robert Earle Howells

Honeybee Society

By Corey Binns

Robotic Chicken Butcher

By Nicole Dyer

Fastest DNA Sequencer

By Veronique Greenwood

Self-Coiling Cord

By Sal Vaglica

The Earthquake Machine

By Rebecca Boyle

Star-Mapping Spacecraft

By Brooke Borel

A Touch Screen That Knows You

By Nicole Dyer


Warp Factor

** A NASA scientist claIms to be on the verge of faster-than-light travel: is he for real?** By Konstantin Kakaes

The Chemistry Of Kibble

** The billion-dollar, cutting-edge science of convincing dogs and cats to eat what’s in front of them.** By Mary Roach

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