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Son of Alan

The Addams Family’s Uncle Fester is famous for popping lightbulbs into his mouth and making them glow. The TV trick inspired Kip Kedersha, a fan of the series, to build a prank lamp using an LED, batteries, and an old bulb. Create your own and light up a room on April 1.

1) Wearing thick gloves, carefully twist a glass lightbulb out of its metal base and save both parts. Discard the filament.

2) Solder a 2-inch wire to the base’s inside center and another to the side. Stack and zip-tie two three-volt button batteries.

3) To the short lead (anode)of a white LED, solder the center wire. Tape the other wire to the battery pack’s negative end.

4) Tape one end of a third wire to the battery pack’s positive terminal. Solder the other end to the LED’s long lead (cathode).

5) Coax the LED into the glass, fit the battery pack and wires into the base, and reconnect the bulb’s two pieces with hot glue.

6) Grasp the base, touching a wire that’s hidden in your hand to its side and bottom. To the surprise of your pals, it should light up.

Time: 1 hour
Cost: $4
Difficulty: 1/5

WARNING: Broken glass can cause deep cuts and gashes. Do not screw the modified lightbulb into any socket.