Love Is A Messy Science

A meta-look at the complicated (and sometimes contradicting) research on love and relationships. Happy Valentine's Day!

Every few months, a new study comes out that claims to have unleashed the secrets of human romance. It’s a new technique to predict whether a relationship will last, or a new way to revive the spark of passionate love, or a new study that says relationships are doomed. They make great headlines, but a few months later, another study comes along and says the key to love is found somewhere else.

Here’s some of the headline-making, occasionally contradictory research on love and relationships that’s been bouncing around since last Valentine’s Day:

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Selfless Acts For Spouse Essential Part Of Healthy Love

Husbands Who Do Housework May Have Less Sex, Study Says

Marriage Drives Women To Drink, Study Says

Marriage Expectations: Young People Expect Marriages To Last, Study Says

Marriage Research: Honeymoon Phase Is A Myth, Study Finds

Secrets Of Lasting Love Are Hidden Inside The Brain Say Scientists

There’s No Such Thing as Everlasting Love (According to Science)

The takeaway? Love is confusing. Let’s just all appreciate how awesome chocolate is instead. Because there’s no conflicting research about that at all.