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Published Aug. 23, 2021

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to incorporate resistance training into your workout routine? Better yet, do you want to be able to do it from the comfort of your own home? It might be a good idea to consider resistance bands. The best resistance bands come in varied ranges of tension to accommodate your strength level. They work wonders for full-body conditioning, muscle building, calorie burning, and stretching while protecting your joints. Additionally, there are many types of stretch bands—different fabrics and shapes—so you can choose what is most comfortable and effective for how you want to use them. So time to gear up for our selection for the best workout bands. 

What to consider when shopping for the best resistance bands

When shopping for the best resistance bands for your home fitness equipment, there are a few key factors to take into consideration, such as how and where you plan to use the bands, what materials you want, and if you’re a beginner, pro, or somewhere in between. 

Do you want fabric or latex resistance bands? 

There are two main materials used in resistance bands: fabric and latex. While latex bands are the original material used in bands, fabric stretch bands are more comfortable, especially on your bare skin. Additionally, the very thin latex bands tend to roll down. So no matter which material you go with, a thicker option will likely stay in place better. 

Do you plan on taking your exercise bands on the go?

The great thing about workout bands is that they are super convenient, lightweight, and are perfect for travel. You can essentially bring the gym with you, wherever you go. If you like the idea of a resistance bar band to use with your workout bands, consider one that can be easily placed in your backpack. 

What strength level are you?

Resistance bands are a great way to incorporate resistance training, no matter your level. If you’re a beginner, consider a band with less resistance and work your way up. Many come in sets with varied levels of resistance so you can see your improvement as you move through the levels. 

Will there be multiple users? 

If you plan on sharing with your roommates or family members, it’s a good idea to get a set of workout bands to accommodate everyone’s strength level. Plus, they typically come in different colors so you can easily identify who’s using what and even incorporate a friendly competition to track everyone’s improvement. 

What types of exercise do you plan on using your bands for? 

With a few types of resistance bands, knowing how you want to use them will help narrow down your search. If it’s mostly going to be stretching for you or lower-body exercises, the basic loop latex or fabric bands will work great. If upper-body or full-body conditioning is your priority, consider tube bands with handles, as they make it easier to perform exercises that are heavy on pressing and pulling. 

Are you on a budget? 

Typically, workout bands are pretty affordable. There are some kits that can get a bit more expensive, but you can certainly find loops or tube bands that fit well within your price range. 

The best resistance bands 

The best resistance bands are easy to use, accommodate the types of exercises you want to prioritize, and feel comfortable on your skin. Once you have a better understanding of what’s most important to you, you’ll have no problem narrowing down which set to get. 

Best fabric resistance bands: MhIL Resistance Bands Set

Non-Slip Bands

Made of polyester and latex, these resistance bands are designed so they don’t roll or pinch. MhIL

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The MhIL Resistance Bands Set includes five bands, all the same length, with multiple resistance levels ranging from extra light to extra heavy. That means there is a band for everyone from beginners to pros. Made with durable and thick yet flexible fabrics, the bands have the right amount of resistance to challenge you during your workout. Plus they are both anti-slip and non-pinching, so you can focus on what you set out to do, whether that be Pilates, yoga, strength training, or stretching. Plus, the included carry bag lets you take your workout bands on the go. 

Best resistance bands for beginners: Theraband Latex Beginner Set

Easy to Use

These versatile picks come in three colors so you can recognize each level at a glance. TheraBand

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If you’re just starting to incorporate resistance bands into your strength training or rehabilitation, the Theraband Latex Beginner Set is a great place to start. Ideal for conditioning or rehabbing muscles and increasing strength, mobility, and function while reducing joint pain, the Theraband resistance bands are excellent for upper and lower body exercises. This set includes three bands ranging from three pounds to 4.6 pounds of resistance. As you get stronger, you can see your improvement by moving up the color scale. Made from high-quality natural rubber latex, you can be sure you’re in good hands bands.

Best resistance bands kit: SPRI Resistance Bands Kit

Choose Your Own Adventure

The easy-to-use interchangeable tubing system allows for numerous resistance-training exercises. SPRI

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All you need is a door frame and the SPRI Resistance Bands Kit to bring the gym, specifically pulley-style machines, into your home. With five levels of resistance, ranging from very light to ultra heavy, two resistance cord handles, one ankle strap, and one door attachment, you’ll have everything you need for a full-body conditioning workout. Made with the SPRI-exclusive material, Tuff Tube, the highly durable bands have a greater resistance to abrasion and tears.  

Best resistance band bar kit: AMFRA Pilates Bar Kit

Full-Body Conditioning

Bring the gym into your home with this pilates bar and resistance bands set. AMFRA

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Whether you’re a beginner or a pro when it comes to strength training, the AMFRA Pilates Bar Kit is a great addition to your fitness equipment. Designed to sculpt and tone your body, build muscle, burn calories, and strengthen your core, this kit includes a band bar, eight bands with levels of resistance ranging from 40 pounds to 60 pounds (which can be used alone or stacked for 280 pounds of resistance), one door anchor and two soft foam handles with carabiners. Made with natural latex, nylon, and heavy-duty steel, this high-quality set is durable, non-toxic, and safe. 

Best resistance bands on a budget: Amazon Basics Latex Resistance Bands Set

Necessary Basics

This set of five colorful resistance bands is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Amazon Basics

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For a simple way to ramp up your workout intensity, you might want to consider the Amazon Basics Latex Resistance Bands Set. Sold for just under $11, this set features five bands of varying resistance, making for a great way to incorporate resistance and strength training, stretching, or physical therapy into your daily routine. Designed with durable, flexible latex, these bands have a slip-free surface, ensuring less movement so you can focus on your workout. 


Q: Do resistance bands burn fat? 

Yes, resistance bands do help to burn fat. By increasing the intensity of your workout, you end up burning more calories and building more muscle. That speeds up your metabolism, which leads to burning fat. Resistance bands are great to use for strength training and toning. 

Q: Why are resistance bands better than weights? 

While it’s hard to say if resistance bands are better than weights. They do show similar results, but there are some benefits of using the former. Resistance bands maintain constant tension on your muscles throughout the entirety of the exercise, encouraging greater muscle exertion. Also, because the bands limit your range of motion, overextension of your joints is less likely. 

Q: Do resistance bands help tone legs? 

Yes, resistance bands are great for toning legs and will work more effectively than just using your own body weight. Incorporating strength-training exercises with resistance bands can tone your legs and butt. The key is doing lots of reps. They’re also great for anyone who is recovering from an injury because they take the pressure off of your joints. 

The final word on the best resistance bands

Selecting the best resistance bands to add to your gym equipment isn’t as easy as it might seem. After all, there are numerous types, styles, and resistance levels to choose from but fear not! Once you know the types of workouts or stretches you’d like to incorporate into your routine, selecting the right type of bands will be simple, whether they are loop or tube bands, resistance band bars or pull-up assist bands. When that’s sorted, you’ll have a whole new slew of exercises to explore—from your home—because resistance bands make it that easy.