Brittany Vincent

Brittany Vincent

Contributor, Reviews

Brittany Vincent has covered video games, technology, and pop culture for 15 years at publications like G4, Playboy, Empire, Complex, IGN, GamesRadar, Polygon, Kotaku, Maxim, and more. She began working with Popular Science’s reviews coverage in late 2021. 



  • Journalist, editor, and copywriter of 15 years
  • Has written hundreds of gaming and tech pieces at all major publications
  • Near-encyclopedic knowledge of gaming and lifelong collector
  • Experienced and persuasive when it comes to suggesting which gaming, tech, and gadgets to purchase.
  • Authored Microsoft Flight Simulator for Dummies


Brittany Vincent is an accomplished video game, technology, and entertainment writer whose work has been featured in various online and print publications. She’s been writing professionally for 15 years and enjoys combining her extensive video game knowledge with her passion for the written word.

Her work can be found in dozens of print and digital publications such as Variety, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Wired, Maxim, Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Hyper Magazine, Otaku USA, PSM3, BuzzFeed, Eurogamer, Engadget, Maximum PC, AskMen, Tom’s Guide, Laptop Magazine, GameSpot, G4, Kotaku, IGN, Destructoid, and GamesRadar.

Over the past few years, she’s managed various teams as EIC at G4@Syfygames (an NBCUniversal publication) and managing editor at publications like Merriam Webster’s The Usage and VehicleServicePros. She’s attended video game conventions as a reporter and panelist, including PAX East and E3. She’s also provided expert commentary for major news organizations like NPR and ABC. Her debut book, Microsoft Flight Simulator for Dummies, is due out in April 2022.


Brittany holds a certification in medical transcription, but otherwise as a high school graduate, she’s a self-taught writer and editor who lets her experience do the talking.

Favorite weird science fact

Synesthesia is a sensation that imbues words with flavor and colors with sound. Like Zachary Howard, Brittany has always wanted to experience it for herself.

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