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The best wallets in 2024

The best wallets are an essential accessory to keep your ID, credit and debit cards, close at hand and as secure as possible.

Denon PerL Pro Earbuds review: A true wireless tune-up

“Well, I’m just a modern guy. Of course, I’ve had it in my ear before. ‘Cause of a lust for life.” — Iggy Pop I got really into Iggy Pop in 1996. There was nothing cool about doing this at the time; there was nothing cool about me at the time (though I would have […]

The best propane fire pits of 2024

Nothing fights the short days and cold nights better than a toasty blaze from a propane fire pit. These convenient devices can provide warmth, brighten up the ambiance of a backyard patio, or act as a gathering point for crisp end-of-the-year outdoor get-togethers. Propane fire pits require less labor than traditional fire pits. There’s no […]

The best HP laptops in 2024

Choosing an HP laptop can be like going to the grocery store hungry: The company aims to have an option for every flavor of computing, but its many offerings can lead to frustrating indecision. The upside of HP’s variety is that there’s something on the menu to satisfy your tastes, whether you’re salivating for a […]

The best 3D printers for miniatures in 2024

Whether you want to play an established wargame, roleplay your own scenarios, or make replacement meeples for your favorite board game, you likely want a 3D printer for miniatures. Instead of being focused on large-scale print areas, miniatures lovers want 3D printers that can get heavy detail even when the print outcome is small. But […]

The best circular saws in 2024, according to experts

Circular saws are powerful, versatile, and can be very affordable. As a result, they are extremely popular. They are often the first saw owned by DIY enthusiasts and are found on jobsites around the world. Although the basic design is simple, you’ll find dozens of models on the market with various features. This can be […]

The best miter saws for 2023, according to experts

Miter saws are perhaps the best all-rounder for both DIY and professional users. They can be found everywhere, from home workshops to construction sites. A basic miter saw can quickly cut 2×4 for framing and garden projects. More advanced models can cut wide boards for flooring or decking and create compound angles for crown moldings […]