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Updated Mar 29, 2022 8:17 AM

If you’re looking for a way to keep the whole family active in a fun, safe, and bouncy way from your own home, it might be time to add a trampoline into the mix. While there are many types from rectangular to exercise to water models, the best trampolines are durable, have solid safety features, and most importantly, offer a great bounce. In addition to the fun factor, they can help you develop better coordination, motor skills. and balance. While trampolines are synonymous with kids, they’re also great for adults too. So put on your jumping shoes and scroll through our roundup of the best trampolines. 

What to consider when shopping for the best trampoline

When shopping for the best trampoline, the most important thing to consider is safety. Make sure the one you end up going with has safety netting, especially when kids will be using it, and that it’s made from durable materials. Then of course deciding what kind you want will be your second most important decision.

Do you want an indoor or outdoor trampoline?

Depending on where you want to have your trampoline will determine what type you get. Outdoor options tend to be larger because there is more space for them outside in your backyard. They’re also built with durable materials to prevent wear and tear from weather changes. An indoor pick is smaller and will most likely be used for exercise or for toddlers.

Who is the trampoline for?

One for a toddler will naturally be smaller than one for kids and adults, so having a clear understanding about who you’re shopping for is important. Also, keep in mind that most models have a weight maximum and an age minimum, so be sure to read all the fine print. 

Do you want to incorporate jumping into your workout routine?

Jumping on a trampoline can be as effective as running and cycling and help you increase balance and endurance. In order to work out from your home, you can purchase a mini folding trampoline for workouts.

How many people will be using It at once?

If you want to invite the whole neighborhood over for some trampoline fun (no one would blame you), just make sure the maximum weight can accommodate it. Some models can withstand more weight and are meant for the whole family while others are more for individual use. 

Are you on a budget?

If you’re on a budget, consider a smaller model or one that accommodates less weight. However, if you don’t want or are unable to spend as much, be sure to purchase a trampoline that was designed with safety features.

Do you want any fun add-ons?

They are fun on their own but you can make them even more fun by getting one with additional activities, like a basketball hoop. Just think, you’ll be dunking in no time. 

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The best trampoline

There are lots of great options, but the best ones have extra safety measures to ensure all jumpers stay safe while they’re having fun. And if they’re models built for outside, the materials used will be weather resistant and fade proof to ensure use season after season. Once you have a clear idea of who’s jumping and where, you’ll have no problem narrowing down the best one for you. 

Best outdoor trampoline: JUPA Outdoor Trampoline



Not only does the JUPA Outdoor Trampoline bring the fun with a capital F, you can also trust that it’s safe. The jumping mat, linked with 5.5-inch high tension steel springs, is durable, while the nylon enclosed net and spring pad prevent you from falling and your feet from getting caught. This model is ideal for outdoor use as the mat is wear- and UV-resistant. Plus, the steel legs ensure stability during the fun although it’s recommended you place a rubber mat beneath it to avoid shifting.

Best exercise trampoline: Pelpo Folding Mini Trampoline



Great for home workouts, the lightweight Pelpo Folding Mini option has a foldable design that allows you to set up quickly and move into storage when not in use. It’s sold in three different sizes—38-, 40- and 45-inch—with an adjustable handle height that makes this a great option for multiple users. Plus, you can rest assured knowing this one is durable and safe as it’s made of heavy- duty steel with stainless steel springs and an impact-resistant mat that resists tearing. 

Best rectangle trampoline: JumpKing Enclosed Rectangular Trampoline



One of the benefits of a rectangular model is higher bounce, and JumpKing Enclosed Rectangular Trampoline does not disappoint. It comes with three jumping zones that make jumping with your friends and family a whole lot easier. Best for outdoor use, this one was designed with a heavy-duty UV-protected mat and a UV-treated polyethylene netting over a six-pole enclosure to provide relief from the sun’s rays. And its steel frame provides structure and durability. 

Best trampoline for kids: Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide

Little Tikes


Spark joy in your kid with the Little Tikes Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline. This small option is designed for outdoor use, with stairs to climb and a slide to come down on.  It’s designed for one small child and comes with a weight limit of 100 pounds. The netting enclosure with two zippers for an easy entrance and exit will help keep your tot safe. A durable pad protector covers the safety springs and safety foam.

Best budget trampoline: Skywalker Round Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines


You don’t have to break the bank to have the coolest backyard on the block. The Skywalker Round Trampoline is best suited for children over the age of 6 years old with a maximum weight of 175 pounds. Designed for outdoor use, this model has a jump surface of 24 feet. For added stability, the enclosure net includes upright foam padded poles, angled away from the net to prevent any accidents. Plus the net has a dual zipper and latch clip to keep jumpers safe.



How do I prepare my yard for a trampoline?

Prepare your yard for a trampoline by making sure you have the right amount of space in your yard. In order to do that, measure your yard and ensure there is at least three to four feet on each side of where you plan to place it. Make sure that all brush and trees have been cleared and find a spot within your yard that’s level.


Are rectangular trampolines better than round?

Rectangular models aren’t necessarily better than round ones, however they do offer a higher bounce. No matter where you jump on a rectangular trampoline will give you bounce that has equal height and power.

Q: Are in-ground trampolines better?

There are pros and cons for in-ground models. Pros include that they are more attractive in your yard and are better for children because they can’t get their fingers caught as easily, can’t get stuck underneath, and don’t have as far to fall should they topple off. Cons are that they are pricier and a hassle to move once installed.  

The final word on shopping for the best trampoline

The best trampolines provide endless fun for the whole family regardless of if you end up going with one made for water, indoor, or outdoor. There are many categories to choose from, so making that selection will depend on the bounce you’re after. The ones that use the highest-quality materials will be safest, the most durable, and will last the longest. If you do plan to leave it outside, look for materials that won’t fade and rust over time. Whether you’re purchasing for the fun or exercise factor, a new trampoline could add some spring to your step.

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