May 2013: The New Dawn Of Invention

Reinventing invention.

Invention Awards

Family Flier

By Elbert Chu

Cardboard Bike

By Charles Q. Choi

Fume Fighter

By Veronique Greenwood

Hot Savings

By Sarah Fecht

Robotic Performer

By Zach Zorich

Suborbital Safeguard

By Dave Mosher

Smart Ball

By Gregory Mone

Ballast Bulb

By Amanda Tust

Firm Footing

By Clay Dillow

Digital AX

By Amanda Schupak


Apex Predator

** Can a crew of scientists and volunteers armed with homemade trackers save sharks from extinction?** By Brian Lam

Making New Elements

How scientists create superheavy atoms. By Brooke Borel

Sun Shot

This month, a plane will fly across the United States on sunlight alone. In 2015, it will circumnavigate the world. By Stephen Cass

Wing And A Scare

A record-breaking roller coaster that mimics the thrill of stunt flying. By Nicole Dyer

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