Android Wear 2.0 Will Free Your Watch From Your Phone

The next generation of Google's wearables has arrived, and it didn't bring a plus one.

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Google had several developments to announce, including customizable watch faces that put things like step trackers and your tasks up where you need them.

Apparently the folks at Google think users want the watch to be like a body coach: tracking and encouraging and updating constantly. So they’ve begun integrating everything about your health app needs, from calorie counting to Spotify use for your run.

Better recognition of your own fingertip writing means it’s much easier to draft replies to messages too:

But here’s the big development: With Android Wear 2.0, everything can happen without your phone. In fact, your phone can be turned off while you’re off running and listening to music, since your watch will have the capability of direct network connections to wifi, cellular, and bluetooth.

Developers are getting their hands on these features now, but you’ll have to wait a bit. Expect these new developments on the market Fall 2016.