Wink Glasses Remind Computer Users to Blink

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Technology has replaced conscious memory in so many aspects of our lives, reminding us of our appointments or alerting us when our oil needs changing. But reminding us to blink? One Japanese company has developed a pair of glasses that does exactly that.

Developed by Japan’s Masunaga Optical Manufacturing, Wink Glasses remind computer users to blink every so often to avoid eye strain. A sensor detects how long you go without blinking; after five seconds of staring blankly into the screen, the right lens fogs, obscuring your vision until you blink again. The glasses hold an eight hour charge, and even plug into a USB outlet for extra juice during those marathon WoW session.

Of course, at $150, Wink Glasses qualify as an investment. But until someone invents a device to remind you to quit playing computer games and go get a girlfriend, what else are you going to spend your money on?

[via Gizmodo, DVICE]