Rob Verger, Technology Editor at Popular Science

Rob Verger

Technology Editor


  • Deep experience writing about aviation and the military, with time spent on board an F-16, a KC-10 tanker, and a Coast Guard helicopter.
  • Driven by a deep curiosity for a multitude of tech and transportation topics, as well as an appreciation for the reporting process.
  • Enjoys everything from getting into the field to see old cars get shredded to getting on the phone with experts or people with extreme and stressful careers
  • Past bylines in The Boston Globe, Columbia Journalism Review, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, VICE News, and other publications. 


Favorite weird science fact

Time slows down as an object moves super fast, if you compare the way time passed for the quickly-moving object to the way it did for a slower object. Think: A clock on a satellite versus a clock on Earth. Thanks for figuring that one out, Einstein!

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