Open-Source, Accelerometer-Equipped Glove Allows for Infinite Control Possibilities

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Think of the Acceleglove as a socially-acceptable Power Glove for adults. Laced with acclerometers on each finger, the glove comes with an open source SDK that allows for it to control virtually anything–provided you can write the code for it.

Developed by Maryland-based AnthroTronix, the $500 glove can track hand movements in 3D space and relay that info back to the computer using the attached databoard and USB cable. MIT Tech Review says that other, similar gloves can cost as much as $5000, which makes this seem like a pretty sweet deal.

Currently, the AcceleGlove is designed to track gestures, such as pinching, and opening and closing your hand, as opposed to full 1:1 movement. But the best part is that you don’t even have to use the supplied drivers for writing apps. It’s also possible to write drivers directly for the glove and use the raw data for more advanced applications.

Just imagine using this with the latest and greatest 3D Hologram technology. Exciting, right? MIT Tech Review