Corinne Iozzio

Corinne Iozzio


Corinne Iozzio is the former Editor-in-Chief of Popular Science. In that role, she oversaw an award-winning crew of science journalists—both editors and writers—who are obsessed with shining a light on the thousands of ways science and technology transform our lives daily. She lives in Washington Heights in New York City (or, as she affectionately refers to it, “Upstate Manhattan”) with her partner, an ever-expanding collection of vintage hand-blown glass, and a talkative tuxedo cat hellbent on knocking it all to pieces. 


  • Omnivorous science and tech editor, with a particular obsession with peeling back the engineering underpinning everyday life
  • Evangelist of the idea that every story from here on out, on some level, is a climate and sustainability story.
  • Past byliner for: PCMag, Fortune, mental_floss, The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Scientific American, Playboy


Corinne’s been part of the PopSci team since 2009, when she first joined the staff as Associate Technology Editor. Since then, she’s held more titles than she’d care to rattle off, but highlights include Technology Editor, Executive Editor, and hired gun managing the annual Best of What’s New franchise. Though she cut her teeth covering tech and gadgets, including a stint on staff at PCMag and freelancing for publications like Fortune, her work as an editor at PopSci has touched all aspects of technology and science—from the space-faring fasteners that will bring us to Mars to the search for the fountain of youth in our own blood.

In her tenure at PopSci, the brand has won a National Magazine Award and recognition from the Society of Publication Designers, and the Webby Awards, among others. She’s made TV and radio appearances translating science and tech into accessible layspeak for outlets like Cheddar, The Weather Channel, The Daily Dive, and the LA Times. Corinne sits on the advisory board of the Knight Science Journalism Fact-Checking project, has appeared on the Folio 100, and is an experienced moderator for live events like the World Government Summit.


Corinne graduated from Fordham University (to be specific: Fordham College at Lincoln Center) with a bachelor’s degree in communications/journalism and English. She was the Editor-in-Chief of the campus newspaper, The Observer, where investigations she penned earned her the David W. Miller award for student journalists from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Favorite weird science fact

The USDA has a grading system for ketchup. Like, there’s an actual, measurable scientific difference between “standard,” “fancy,” and “extra fancy” varieties.

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