Zooming In On Pluto And Its Moons

The latest and greatest images from the New Horizons mission
Fuller Moons
New Horizons captured these closeups of Nix and Hydra, two of Pluto's smaller moons, during the July 14 flyby. Nix turns out to be jellybean-shaped, and in this image, it's even colored like one. Although Nix is not pink in real life, one region does have a reddish undertone that's exaggerated here. Scientists aren't sure where the moon's tint is coming from, but the bull's eye pattern indicates it could be an impact crater. Meanwhile, the irregularly shaped Hydra has a dark spot on top that could indicate a difference in composition. NASA/JHUAPL/SWRI

A manmade spacecraft will fly by Pluto for the first time ever on July 14. As it speeds through the Pluto system at 35,000 miles per hour, the New Horizons spacecraft will send back the first closeups of the former planet and its moons. The spacecraft will only be in the Pluto system for 12 days, but it will gather a wealth of information and, over the course of the next 16 months, send back imagery that will give us a much clearer view of this mysterious icy world. We’ll update this gallery with the incredible images as they come in.

The Appalachians Of Pluto
Charon, Pluto's moon
Hydra moon
Pluto's surface is covered by young, icy mountains
Pluto as seen just before the New Horizons flyby
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Pluto In Color
Pluto And Charon
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Pluton Planet
Pluto And Charon
Signs Of Geology
Seeing Spots
Charon Comes Into View
Pluto And Charon