The first day of spring this year will bring planet Earth a special celestial treat.

Load this page around 4:30 a.m. ET on Friday, March 20, to watch a live video stream of 2015’s only total solar eclipse from the relative comfort of wherever you happen to be connected to the internet.

NASA is (of course) promoting the event, and the robotic telescope service Slooh is hosting the webcast. The group will be broadcasting live with expert commentary from the Faroe Islands. So set your alarm (and your coffee maker) to see an out-of-this-world show.

Aside from the thrill of being in the right place at the right time, the 2015 eclipse will actually be a huge strain and test for Europe’s solar power industry, which has been preparing for the event for months.

Check out the path of the eclipse in this cool gif that NASA created to see where the moon’s shadow will fall during the celestial event. The gray region is where a partial eclipse will be visible, and the tiny black dot is where earthly inhabitants can bask in totality:

If clouds don’t get in the way, those in the path of the moon’s full shadow can expect to see something like this:

total solar eclipse through clouds
Total solar eclipse. NASA