Rachel Feltman, Executive Editor at Popular Science

Rachel Feltman



  • An omnivorous writer, editor, and podcaster with a degree in environmental studies from Simon’s Rock and a Masters in Science Reporting from NYU. 
  • Previously launched and ran The Washington Post’s “Speaking of Science” blog, with bylines for Quartz, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, and The Atlantic
  • Contributor to MIT Knight Science Journalism Institute’s digital handbook for science editors
  • Author of “Been There, Done That: A Rousing History of Sex” (Bold Type/Hachette), out May 2022.


Favorite weird science fact

There was once a species of dog that was genetically engineered to serve as a kitchen appliance. The Turnspit was a goofy-looking dog with a pretty unfair lot in life, and it’s one of Rachel’s favorite examples of the myriad bizarre ways humans have changed the “natural” world for as long as Homo sapiens have existed.

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