Watch A Drone Gently Deliver A Package

Handled with care

Delivery by drone is a big promise of the future, with small flying robots carrying goods from warehouse or truck right to customer doorsteps. It’s easy to make a gimmick delivery drone, one that haphazardly carries a burger or ice cream and then releases it onto the people below. Getting drone delivery work right beyond the simple gimmick is hard work, so this footage of a test from the Workhorse Group is nice, showing a delivery method that feels plausible, practical, and still in the process of being refined.

Watch below:

Such simplicity! Such grace! A package set on the ground from a very low height, with its contents likely intact. Workhorse sees the drone not as a full delivery system itself, but as an extra tool that flies from truck to doorstep. It’s a modest, achievable goal for drone delivery, and one that likely doesn’t require rewriting the entirety of regulations for the sky. Instead, they’ve filed with the FAA for authorization to use truck-based drones.