We have become a culture that demands our music, our way, at all times. Not only do our devices need to stream whatever song we come up with on a whim, we need wireless, portable speakers to blow it out when we do so. And if we want to do all of this in a pool? You’d better believe we will demand that, too.

Finding Bluetooth-enabled speakers that can deliver quality sound while also being portable and waterproof may sound daunting, but we found some contenders that are willing to put up with any conditions…even you’re shower singing.

For bathroom crooners: INSMY IPX7 Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker

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For a small, lightweight portable speaker, the IPX7 delivers surprisingly crisp sound and deep bass (it’s not going to blow out windows, but it’s better than you’d expect). But most importantly, it’s 100 percent waterproof, and even submersible up to 1 meter (for about a half-hour). The IPX7 also has a suction cup hanger that makes it ideal for keeping in the shower.

For parties: COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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This cool, cylindrical speaker comes in an array of colors (blue, black, mint, Malachite green, purple, red, rose gold, and white) and is compact, portable, and waterproof enough to be a mainstay at any pool-adjacent party. The rechargeable lithium battery can run continuously for 24 hours, and if you have two COMISO speakers you can pair them up for true stereo sound.

Best for bath time: VicTsing SoundHot C6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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This small, disc-shaped Bluetooth speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, maintains a strong connection up to 33 feet, and can run for 6 hours with the volume on 70 percent. It’s lightweight and features a detachable suction cup and metal hook (which can also snap easily onto a backpack) to make mounting on tiles or shower doors simple. Simple controls round out a stylish and effective little speaker no matter who’s splashing near it.

Big sound: BUGANI Bluetooth Speaker

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Boasting two subwoofers and two tweeters for 40w sound, the Bugani isn’t the kind of waterproof, outdoor speaker that blends into the background. It announces its presence with authority. Shaped like a classic boombox (complete with handle), the M83 not only delivers in the sound department, it can actually charge other devices while you rock out. Built to be sturdy enough to join you on any excursion, it’s not the tiniest and most easily portable option, but it will last and it will provide your soundtrack no matter where the party takes you.