Cricket-based snacks are surprisingly delicious

What if your tortilla chips had 20 grams of protein?
edible bug snacks
TK Amanda Ringstad

Crunchy crickets are 65 percent protein by weight, which helps make the nutty-tasting buggers a surprisingly eco-conscious substitute for meat-based nutrition.

Chirping chips

Roasted and pulverized insects mingle with stone-ground corn and chia seeds to give Chirps tortilla crisps 1.5 times more protein per serving than the typical salsa-slathered snack. A dusting of cheddar or sriracha powder adds an extra kick of flavor.

Crispy critters

Farm-raised Cricket Flours Cricket Bites don’t undergo any fancy processing: The bugs are roasted whole and divvied into packages of around 75 insects each. They come in five varieties, including Cheesy Ranch, Spicy Cayenne, and original (it’s nutty).

Smoothie sting

Chomping into a thorax after exercising might not sound appetizing. Näak’s protein powder combines ground crickets with soy and pea protein to hit 24 grams of protein—about half of an average person’s recommended daily dose—per 30-gram scoop.

Buggy bar

The 10 grams of protein in each 2.1-ounce Exo Bar put it on par with an ordinary workout bite, but instead of soy or whey, these calories come from flash-frozen, roasted, and milled chirpers. Date paste, honey, and fruit purees round out the recipe.

Eat more bugs

If you’re still hungry after those four snacks, check out our complete guide to eating insects. Your next meal could be made of meal worms. Delicious!