The coolest new tech and gadgets from CES 2023 Day 1

New devices include a tiny factory for your home, a smart mixer, and tons of new audio products.
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Tony Ware

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Every January, the entire tech world descends upon Las Vegas for a gadget-fueled bacchanal known as the Consumer Electronics Show. Manufacturers come toting their shiny new products—some of which are almost ready for the store shelves, and others that imagine what devices will be like down the road. This year’s show officially kicks off Jan. 5, but Jan. 4 was press day, meaning tons of new products saw sunlight (or whatever kind of light you get inside the Las Vegas Convention Center) for the first time.

We’re not on the floor of CES this year, but we keep track of all the new products making their debut, highlighting the ones we feel stand out. We’re hoping to review a ton of them this year, but for now, here’s a list of the coolest stuff we’ve seen so far from CES 2023.

Formlabs Automation ecosystem

3D printers are fun and surprisingly useful, but they require attention and babysitting, which leads to downtime between prints. Formlabs has announced a new automation ecosystem line of add-ons for its resin-based printers that automate the production process to improve their overall efficiency drastically. 

Form Auto, for instance, automatically removes a finished printed object from the platform and starts the next print in the queue without the need for human interaction. The new Fleet Control function allows for streamlined control over multiple printers from a single dashboard. And the High Volume Resin System increases overall resin capacity to 5 liters to cut down on time lost to empty reservoirs and cartridge switching. 

These add-ons essentially turn Formlabs resin printers, like the Form 3 and Form 3+, into little factories. Think of all the 3D-printed lobsters with Dwayne Johnson’s face you could make. 

Citizen CZ smartwatches

Citizen CZ watches
Power Scores aren’t just for Dave & Busters anymore. Citizen

Modern wearables never miss out on an opportunity to tell you when you’re doing your body a disservice. The new Citizen CZ smartwatches run you through occasional awareness tests created by the Ames Research Center Fatigue Countermeasures Laboratory to see how your brain functions in a given moment. Then, with help from IBM’s Watson algorithms, it makes recommendations about how and when you should try to get some sleep to keep your body running as it should. They’re not the most modern-looking smartwatches, but we’re curious to see how the recommendations and analysis match up against something like the Whoop strap.

Alienware M18 laptop

Alienware M18 laptop
Alienware’s 18-inch laptop is overkill in all the ways you want from a gaming laptop. Dell

Laptop manufacturers have found ways to cram more display real estate into their machines without adding much bulk to the laptops. Many 13-inch and 15-inch models have migrated to 14-inch and 16-inch models (respectively) in recent years. Now, Alienware has applied the same concept to its new M18 laptop. It offers 14% more screen real estate than the 17-inch model that came before it, but the computer remains essentially the same size. Aside from the screen, the Alienware M18 also offers “13th Gen Intel Core i9-13980HX processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU,” all of which funnel heat away via a complex and multi-faceted cooling system. It’s a beast of a machine in more ways than one.

Samsung’s future folding OLED screen tech

Samsung Hybrid Flex concept device
Seems like a missed opportunity for a Legally Blonde reference since it could be called the Samsung Bend and Snap. Samsung

Phones have been folding for years, but Samsung’s new concept device demonstrates the next evolution of that flexy tech. Samsung’s Flex Hybrid display folds on the left side, but the right side actually slides outward to give the entire screen a much wider aspect ratio. It’s a 10.3-inch 4:3 display before the slide expansion and a 12.4-inch 16:10 screen when fully expanded. We’ve seen OLED screens used for tech like this before. Last year, Samsung introduced a concept 17-inch screen with sliding capabilities, and LG showed off a similar tech at its CES press conference last year.

Nanoleaf’s Skylight Smart Lights

Nanoleaf Skylight
Now you can turn your highest lights down low without reaching for a switch. Nanoleaf

Smart light bulbs have been around for over half a decade, but Nanoleaf has differentiated itself by making light panels that can be arranged into aesthetically pleasing designs. Its Skylights follow the same formula but are specifically designed to be mounted to your ceiling. The set of square tiles can be arranged in several configurations, giving you many more options than traditional (or even smart) light bulbs. It doesn’t hurt that the sleek look of Nanoleaf’s smart lights allows them to fit in with any decor without appearing unnecessarily techie.

It’s not a Roku TV, it’s Roku’s TV

Roku TV
Roku’s first TV sets are a big step forward in its quest to dominate the living room. Roku

Roku has officially made the leap from a company making media streamers, speakers, and software to actual television sets, which will be available in the spring of this year. Roku’s TVs fall into two lines: Select and Plus, which start at $119 and come in sizes from 24 to 75 inches. It’s refreshing that Roku is catering to folks who need a smaller, lower resolution TV (some of its sets are 2K, which is better than HD but not by much), in addition to those who want a big screen in their living room. This tactic follows Roku’s historically consumer-focused strategy, appealing to the average person and enthusiasts. It’s rare to see an entirely new entrant in the TV hardware space, and we look forward to learning more.

GE Profile Smart Mixer

GE Profile Smart Mixer
GE’s Profile Smart Mixer is a CES Innovation Awards Honoree and is set to become a smart kitchen staple. GE

Smart home tech hasn’t fully reached the kitchen, but GE plans to change that with its Profile Smart Mixer. The mixer, which will be available exclusively at Crate & Barrel for $999 when it launches later this year, can automatically sense when your dough is ready to avoid under- or over-mixing your dough or batter. It even has a built-in scale, so you can weigh your ingredients in its bowl to reduce the number of dishes you’ll dirty while baking. You can even sync the mixer with an app on your phone to guide you through recipes or enable you to control the gadget using Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. GE has released a video of the mixer in action, and it looks slick, combining everything bakers love about a traditional stand mixer with extra features that actually help bakers.

JBL Tour PRO 2 true wireless earbuds

JBL Tour Pro 2
JBL’s Tour Pro 2 earbuds have the smartest battery case we’ve ever seen. JBL

The allure of true wireless earbuds is their portability and relatively good audio quality, but JBL’s Tour PRO 2 true wireless earbuds have another draw: a battery case with wireless charging and a 1.45-inch touchscreen. Using the case’s screen will allow you to see your phone’s notifications and change the settings of the JBL One app without touching your smartphone. The display will also show the battery life of each bud and the case itself, which is especially helpful information to have at a glance. Surprisingly, this futuristic feature doesn’t come with a substantial cost: JBL has priced the Tour PRO 2 (previously previewed in Europe) at $249.95, which is in line (or less expensive) than what other premium audio brands are charging for their ‘buds. The PRO 2 battery case may be its flashiest feature, but it’s what’s on the inside that also counts. These earbuds support active noise cancellation, have a runtime of up to 10 hours (eight with ANC enabled), and IPX5 water and dust resistance.

Hisense ULED X

Hisense ULED X
Hisense ULED X is a no-compromise TV designed for the enthusiast. Hisense

You’ve heard of OLED, but Hisense announced the first-ever ULED TV X as part of a flurry of CES hardware announcements. ULED X is a screen technology developed by Hisense to create an LED TV that rivals the performance of an OLED set. Its 4K 75-inch ULED X has 20,000 LEDs, more than 5,000 local dimming zones, a 150,000:1 contrast ratio, 2500 nits of peak brightness, and support for every HDR (high dynamic range) standard under the sun. The TV is powered by a custom-designed chipset called the Hi-View Engine X, which controls its dimming zones and performs other optimizations in real-time. Hisense is hoping to capture the high-end TV market by offering though it remains to be seen whether it can do so at a more affordable price.

BHeart by Baracoda

This watchband is powered by your energy.

Most fitness trackers and wearables require a good night’s charge to last the next day or don’t match your carefully crafted ‘fit. Enter the BHeart by Baracoda, which uses energy harvesting tech to recharge itself by body heat, motion, and environmental light. This CES Innovation Award winner is sustainable and stylish. You can attach the gold, silver, or dark silver-toned metal links to an existing watch face or wear it like a bracelet. Even better, it’s only $100 with a free app, lowering the barrier to entry into wearable tech.

Seagull Pro

Seagull Pro, CES Innovation Award Honoree

Cleaning the pool gets smarter with the Seagull Pro, which uses a world-first quad-motor system to clean in-or above-ground pools up to 3,200 square feet. Wall-climbing capabilities, three cleaning modes, and its lack of cords complete this tiny machine’s big capabilities. If you’re itching to get your hands on one sooner than later, fear not: the company’s upgraded Seagull SE is now available online, and the Elite Pro can be yours Jan. 5. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until March for the $899.99 robot.

Bluetti AC500 & B300S system

Get up to 5,000 watts of continuous power.

Bluetti’s AC500 & B300S system—which raised $11 million on Indiegogo a month before—hits the stage as the first solar generator with 5,000 watts of continuous power. 16 outlets rid the need for adapters, and the generator can be used with up to six B300S batteries to pump up the 5,000-watt capacity to 18,432Wh—up to six days of power. We also love that it charges to 80% power in less than an hour—important to RV-ers who need to get back on the road or those who need to prep for the storm over their lunch break.

HyperPack Pro

This 22L backpack includes Apple’s Find My compatible location module, tech protection, and pass-through charging.

Save the AirTag for your keys. The HyperPack Pro comes with an Apple Find My-compatible location module so you can keep an eye on it while using your laptop. An RFID protective pocket, interlocking zippers, and a hidden back pocket prevent stolen valuables. It’s also lightweight, water-resistant, and includes charging pass-throughs and pockets. For a creative who frequently travels, $200 is a low price to pay for peace of mind in airports and on the road.

Kohler Statement VES (Variable Eco-Spray) Showerhead and Handshower

The showerhead and handshower use Kohler’s air-induction tech for a sustainable shower that feels luxurious.

Kohler’s Statement VES (Variable Eco-Spray) Showerhead and Handshower use up to 40% less water without losing rinsing coverage or warmth—perfect for those who want a luxurious shower that doesn’t hurt the watershed. That’s thanks to Kohler’s Katalyst air-induction tech that fills air into the water droplets to make them feel larger and retain heat longer. And, Statement showerheads are compatible with your current pipes for hassle-free upgrades, making your weekend DIY bathroom project easier.

JBL 4329P Studio Monitor powered loudspeakers

JBL-JBL 4329P Stduio Monitors Powered Loudspeakers CES 2023 press image

In January 2022, JBL/HARMAN Luxury Audio Group introduced the 4305P bookshelf speaker streaming system, which quickly made an impression and established itself as a standout in our best powered speakers list. One year later, the 4329P Studio Monitor self-contained loudspeaker system builds on the accomplished audio engine and comprehensive connectivity found in that potent speaker pair but increases the size of the woofer and internal amplification to push even more of the punchy authority that’s JBL’s trademark. Pairing a JW200P-4 8-inch pure-pulp black paper cone and JBL 2409H 1-inch compression driver mated to a High-Definition Imaging horn, powered by 250W to the woofer and 50W to the tweeter, the 4329P standmount speakers should deliver lively dynamics capable of filling a sizeable room with sonic presence. And with copious digital/analog wired capabilities and network audio via Ethernet, Google Chromecast Built-in, Apple AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth 5.3 (with aptX Adaptive audio), the 4329P can be integrated with a turntable or TV, DAP or external drive, or any high-resolution streaming service or file server. Shipping in Q2, the 4329P will cost $4,500/pair.

Want to reinforce the low end and open up the headroom of the 4329P (or the 4305P) while complementing the classic aesthetic? JBL/HARMAN Luxury Audio Group is also introducing the $700 L10cs 10-inch powered subwoofer—a down-firing polycellulose white cone woofer driven by a 250W RMS (500W dynamic) built-in amplifier in black and natural walnut real-wood veneers.

Want to play LPs on an active loudspeaker system such as the 4329P (or a traditional audio component system)? JBL/HARMAN Luxury Audio Group is also introducing the $399 JBL SPINNER BT turntable, featuring a black MDF plinth with JBL’s signature orange accents that both transmits audio via Bluetooth 5.2 (with aptX HD) and has an analog output with switchable moving magnet phono stage. A belt-driven aluminum platter, with speeds locked by a speed sensor, is coupled with an Audio-Technica moving magnet cartridge pre-installed on a removeable head shell. In total, these components let vinyl enthusiasts listen on Bluetooth-equipped headphones/earbuds, soundbars, speakers, as well as through a wired connection.


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