Remote Control Submarine Turns A GoPro Into An Aquanaut

Sea drones see

Every swimming pool needs an underwater navy. The Seawolf remotely operated submarine, made by TTRobotix, is about to get an upgrade, with a new model capable of carrying GoPro cameras inside its submersible head. There will be two models, one for freshwater and one for seawater, and they’re expected to retail for about $1,000. The Seawolf fits Hero 3 and Hero 4 cameras, so hopefully users can avoid frustrating moments like this.

If it works as stated, this sea drone will be more than just a pool toy. The 16 pound, two-foot-long sub can dive down to 26 feet beneath the surface of the water, and can travel at speeds of about 2 mph for about 50 minutes. Because radio signals have a harder time traveling through salty water, the seawater version uses a different signal frequency than the freshwater one, and can also be controlled through a tether cable instead of remotely.